More Music 4 The Masses ’09

Happy New Year ’09 everyone who is reading this, we’re blessed to see it. It’s 1:29AM EST, and I’m sitting in the studio…in silence. A quiet NYE08 has come and gone and after catching up on some music production magazine reading, the strong urge came over me to produce more music in ’09. While it appears to read like a New Year’s resolution, the only comparison is that I am stating this on 1 Jan. I don’t do NYRs, I prefer to take a day-by-day approach. It was until last month that I finally started to realize this, but just this quiet hope is actually exciting internally. More music equates to full productions, snippets, throwaways, strong ideas, weak ideas…whatever…just more…more…more. I’ve sorely missed that over the last two to three years due to mispriority, bad habits, compulsiveness in other areas…all which as squashed a natural muse that has been with me since 14.

I’m energized to take bigger steps for The Sunday Soundtrack – more new unheard of tracks, more tracks from yours truly, interviews, etc. I come from what is known as old school and now into the new school, in terms of creating music: old = hardware, new = software. I’ve been fortunate to do and know of others that do it both ways. (see below).

I just read an article in the November 2008 edition of Remix Magazine, a few minutes ago,  citing Brian-Michael Cox (Mariah Carey, Rihanna, and Mary J Blige) and his going back and forth between (even combining) hardware and software use in composing music – in the long run, It’s all about what inspires you to get started on the way to finishing. The whole discussion of artists that solely use software and samples, with no formal musical training vs those who use hardware and play actually musical instruments, is a discussion that can and will result in brevity. I’ve been fortunate to do and know of others that do it both ways (or just one way), and do it well. In this day and age (to me) all that matters is that it sounds good and what sounds good to one may not sound good to another … but that’s ok (as it should always be).

MM4TM ’09…a journey I am looking forward to embarking on.