Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 25 Jan 09

Welcome crew…
Sunday…Sunday. I hope everyone’s doing well and that you’ve been enjoying (if u choose) the historic transition into the new leadership of this country. I chose not to get “in the mix” (no pun intended) of the live events of the Inauguration, but took it all in from my family room in HD. Either way, it was exciting to say the least.

I have a bunch of new tracks this week, compiled via my internet and satellite downlink journeys over the last two weeks…I hope you enjoy them, as well as the commentary throughout the podcast. Without further adieu, let’s jump in to the playlist:

1. Breakin It Down – Miguel Migs/Colorful You
2. Schooled In TheTrade (v.3) – People Under the Stairs/Best of Mushroom Jazz Vol. 1-5
3. Feeling Good (Joe Claussell Remix) – Nina Simone/Verve Remixed (Box Set – Deluxe Edition)
4. Cheeky Quarter – Bullitnuts/’A Different Ball Game
5. Reel Life (Evolution II) – The Cinematic Orchestra/Man With a Movie Camera
6. Blue String Pudding – Momma Gravy/The Chill Lounge – 26 Chilled Euro Tracks
7. East River Drive – Stanley Clarke/East River Drive
8. Motion Dub – Soundsfiter/Floating Couch – First Cushion
9. Be Like That – Clara Hill’s Folkwaves/Sideways
10. That’s All – Jua Howard/Anticipation

As usual, all commentary is welcome, track suggestions are not barred. Toss them my way for consideration and it’s all good.

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Have an enjoyable balance of the weekend, week, day, hour, minute, second….

Keep it chill…