Seems like the perfect combo: A Hackintosh’d Dell Mini 9

For the longest time I’ve been considering a netbook. Why, for the obvious reasons…ultraportable computing and a good cross between a standard size laptop and the smaller Sony Vaio. I’ve had online discussions and tweets with Roddykat and Kenya and still really think about getting another high end Powerbook Aluminum or better yet cheap Macbook Pro (last generation, not unibody) In any event, as some of you know, I am a die-hard Macintosh fan and have been one since 1991 (my first Mac was a Macintosh Classic II).

Imagine my delight when I came across this article from Gizmodo, a Dell Mini 9 running Mac OSX….perfect combination! I think I may have to try and roll with this. The current issue of Wired has a good article about netbooks that I’ll crawl in bed to read….that may help me solidify the decision!

That Sunday Soundtrack Global Outreach…I love it.

Had to share a comment from the Facebook group…a comment that makes doing this podcast all worthwhile. Have a great day!

Christophe Sandot (France) wrote
at 7:46pm yesterday
Bonjour Doug ; )

Happy to read you, i like your warm voice in the night, when candles are burning on my indonesian opium low table and Nag Champa indian encens is burning… Just finish a week-end with a charming south-korean girl :p Chill out attitude is the way of life and musics feed our souls. You have a very good taste in your selection. I feel that you are influenced by european electronic musics, this week, for example. I am already addict to your podcast dude : )

I see that each week you put a pic with your podcast. Let’s have a look at my travel photos sets on (Backpacker75 is my screenname on travel forums). If there is one you want put a week with your podshow, be free to take one.