That Sunday Soundtrack Global Outreach…I love it.

Had to share a comment from the Facebook group…a comment that makes doing this podcast all worthwhile. Have a great day!

Christophe Sandot (France) wrote
at 7:46pm yesterday
Bonjour Doug ; )

Happy to read you, i like your warm voice in the night, when candles are burning on my indonesian opium low table and Nag Champa indian encens is burning… Just finish a week-end with a charming south-korean girl :p Chill out attitude is the way of life and musics feed our souls. You have a very good taste in your selection. I feel that you are influenced by european electronic musics, this week, for example. I am already addict to your podcast dude : )

I see that each week you put a pic with your podcast. Let’s have a look at my travel photos sets on (Backpacker75 is my screenname on travel forums). If there is one you want put a week with your podshow, be free to take one.


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