Workin’ it Out In The Lab (AfterSix Productions)

Fresh and Solo reviewing the vocal track
Photo credit :DBassist

Hey people…

Hope all is good, and that is including your weekend. My partner and I had a recording session, more so a work session for one of the tracks from our upcoming last night. In studio was one of our vocalists, Solomon “Solo” Parker, workin’ out his part of a duet I wrote called Starting Over. I decided to bring you in on a small bit of what we were doing, and a lil bit of a blooper (we like recording those) as well.

Dan and Solo working out the lyrical flow
Dan and Solo working out the lyrical flow….

Pretty happy about how the end monologue is developing:

For some reason, my digital audio interface had the hiccups (crazy…broken… 😉 ):

The CD project is moving along, though it’s been a long timecoming. We plan on dropping it before the end of the year. Stay tuned for the official website launch



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