Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack f/Sade – 04 Oct 09


Good evening listeners…

I trust this post finds u well and that your weekend, so far, is great. Earlier in the week, while on Facebook, I was doing my customary video add to my profile and came across a video of Sade from the Lover’s Live DVD (which I proudly own…. 🙂 ) That video post drew a comment from my brother-in-podcasting Darrenkeith, about that particular video, but moreso about the music, the flow, the aura of Ms Helen Folosade Adu. I won’t bore u with the contents of the chat DK and I had (heh), however, I, as well as he, have been long time tremendous fans of Sade. I wont attempt to even describe how much of a fan I am, but it’s like an A-to-Z thing with ALL of her music, as well as the presentation. Watching Lovers Live is like a special event for me LOL… I have literrally daydreamed, on occasion, about what it would be like to be part of her touring band.

Some of you know the word is out that she is planning to release a new CD, with her core musicians from back in the day. I, like many, are eagerly anticipating when this CD will drop. At the same time, I’m wondering just how much of the magic will be released as well. In principle, it’s a little bit like Whitney’s current release, as it’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything new. Sade and Whitney are in two different classes altogether, IMHO, so…we shall see what comes forth. For more info on Sade’s upcoming release, you can visit her new website.


In staying consistent with the overall vibe of The Sunday Soundtrack, I chose (and it was difficult) to feature some of Sade’s more mellow tracks. In addition, I also included, as a bonus, a three song remix of her track, Cherish The Day, as well. I hope you enjoy this virtual mini concert. That being said, I bring to you the playlist.

1. Your Love Is King – Sade/The Best Of Sade
2. The Sweetest Taboo -Sade/The Best Of Sade
3. Never As Good As The First Time – Sade/The Best Of Sade
4. Love Is Stronger Than Pride – Sade/The Best Of Sade
5. Nothing Can Come Between Us- Sade/The Best Of Sade
6. No Ordinary Love – Sade/The Best Of Sade
7. Like A Tattoo – Sade/The Best Of Sade
8. Cherish The Day – Sade/Lovers Live (Live)
9. Somebody Already Broke My Heart – Sade/Lovers Live (Live)
10. Kiss Of Life – Sade/Lovers Live (Live)
11. Flow – Sade/Lovers Live (Live)

Bonus Tracks: (credit: Bad Boy Soul

Sade Cherish The Day (Epic) 1993 (Pal Joey Remix) (Ronin Remix) (Sade Remix Long Version) 1992

Sade Cherish The Day

Shouts to my brother, Darrenkeith, who has also featured Sade on his latest podcast Ladies of Autumn

Enjoy the flow….keep it chilled.

peace and blessings…

4 thoughts on “Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack f/Sade – 04 Oct 09

  1. An all Sade Sunday Soundtrack? And a remix of Cherish the Day! This is close to bliss, LOL. So what I needed to get through my rainy and dreary Monday. Thanks Fresh!

    Yes, I am one of the masses eagerly awaiting the new release, hopefully all of Sweetback came back to the band.

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