Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 01 Nov 09


Greetings listeners….

Welcome to the 11th month of 2009. Guess you may have been asking yourself the same question I have….”Where has the year gone?” Seems like just yesterday, I was sitting at this very same spot saying…”Here we are…2009….” Time flies when you’re having fun…or just about doing anything else, it seems.

In any event, I’ve decided to take a small departure from the downtempo, chill, and ambient grooves that I love to present in the podcast and, instead, bring you a combination of smoothness and coolness wrapped up in one. Many of you know I am a guitarist and have played a lil of just about all genres the guitar is known for. I’m currently studying jazz guitar as well, and thought I’d bring you a little bit of what I consider some good jazz guitar, both from a more contemporary delivery, as well as what;s foundational. While I couldn’t present all the guitarists I like, much less deserving of the genre, I’m showcasing a few of my favorite that more than adequately represent.

Out of my collection, I bring to you the world renowned, George Benson (a lil trivia for u, he and vocalist Anita Baker were both involved in what kind of activity as youth?), the young lion (still known to be I guess) Mark Whitfield (currently on tour with Chris Botti), Nick Collione, Mr Smooth – Norman Brown, Steve Laury (ex-guitarist of Fattburger), Russell Malone, the jazz guitar giant Kenny Burrell and my favorite, and the legendary Mr. Wes Montgomery.

I hope u enjoy these offerings of “g”-strings. The playlist is as follows:

1. Strollin’ – Mark Whitfield/Mark Whitfield
2. John L – Nick Colionne/Keepin’ It Cool [Bonus Track]
3. After The Storm – Norman Brown/After The Storm
4. Being With You – George Benson/Best Of George Benson: The Instrumentals
5. Tenderly – Kenny Burrell/Lucky So And So
6. West Coast Blues – Wes Montgomery/The Incredible Jazz Guitar
7. Rise – Russell Malone/Sweet Georgia Peach
8. Sugar Hill – Kenny Burrell/Jazz Masters 45
9. Gone With The Wind – Wes Montgomery/The Incredible Jazz Guitar
10. Soulful Eyes – Steve Laury/Stepping Out
11. Tenderly – George Benson/Best Of George Benson: The Instrumentals

Here is one my FAVORITE new discoveries, Matt Otten. He is inspiration.

All the above artists can be found at Amazon and iTunes. I hope the playlist provided for a relaxing journey through music.

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Have a great day, evening, and/or night….

peace, keep it chilled…