7th Run – Nike+

What’s up crew…

Hope all is well. After a string of HOT days, the temps have eased down a bit. I packed my gym bag this morning hoping to run, but didn’t think I’d get it in. Boss is back from vacation and had ANOTHER meeting that dipped into my lunch hour, but I went and did it anyway. Turns out, it was my best mile yet, so I’m definitely excited about getting THAT news.

The pace was good, finally getting the breathing rhythm going a lot smoother. and the form is slowly getting better (less and less shin splints).

I’m definitely down with the whole Nike+ system. Always good encouragement:
10 kilometers down. Now let’s see what else you’ve got. You’re off to a fantastic start. Whether your first 10K was a breeze or hard-earned, keep it up.

Anyway, today’s run stats.

Never knew I’d love running so much. Hopefully I can hit the track this weekend sometime.


2 thoughts on “7th Run – Nike+

  1. Very cool – I’ve never been much into running myself but I’m sure it would help me reach my fitness goals faster. Gonna have to check out this Nike system that everyone is talking about!

  2. Congratulations! Its such a feeling of accomplishment to see progress. I am following these posts real close and deciding if this may be something that would be beneficial for me in my future endeavors. I’m so old school mapping my route and stopwatching splits.

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