Welcome to The Sunday Soundtrack – 12 Sep 10 (recast – 08 Mar 09)

Photo Credit: DVS, Jr.

Greetings listeners…

I trust this post finds you well. I was chatting with fellow podcaster (as we usually do during the week) Darrenkeith about the abundance of new tracks I had gathered throught the week from YouTube. Needless to say I collected enough tracks for two podcasts. After converting the video to audio tracks only, I put them in a folder for later moving to my iTunes library. I also was in the midst of organizing my hard drive folders and external drive contents, trashing a lot of files I didn’t need. Well guess what got trashed accidentally? Nuff said. Fortunately, all the videos I used for the audio are saved to My Favorites in YouTube….I’m just too tired to reconvert them to audio for a new podcast tomorrow, hence the recast. I’ll lean on the reasoning of presenting previous tracks to newer listeners and favorite tracks to older ones….hows that?Tomorrow, it’s back to the conversions.

That being said, I bring you the playlist:

1. afterthewoman – rdm
2. Alternate Thursday – Platonic/Sound In Color/Mu.sic – Pixelated Pulse
3. Second Cup Of Coffee – Big La vs. Todd/Blue… Kinda Grey
4. Argha Noah – Nightmares On Wax/Carboot Soul
5. Bay of Islands – Blackfish/Pole Navigation
6. Bizarre Love Pentangle – Muzz/Sty Wars
7. Breather 2000 (Arithunda Mix) – Afterlife/The St. Regis Chill & Groove
8. Gaze – Sweetback/Sweetback
9. The Glass Bead Game – Thievery Corporation/Ultra Chilled
10. If You Don’t Love Me, Understand Me – Vision
11. Woman’s Mood – Lady Tha ProducHer

For the visual, Kaskade, world renowned DJ and dance music producer out of San Francisco, brings us one of his more mellower and very chilled tracks, “Right Dream”.

That’s it…It’s my wish that u enjoy this podcast, it’s always a pleasure to bring it. Be sure to check out my fellow podcast massive in my blogroll. I’m certain you will enjoy what they have to offer.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to The Sunday Soundtrack – 12 Sep 10 (recast – 08 Mar 09)

  1. Excellent (recast) podcast, I have some favorites that I keep in rotation and see I’m going to have to work this one into the mix. Just about every track rated 4-5 stars which makes it a winner start to finish.

    Enjoyed the myspace artists you featured and will definitely make it a point to visit their respective pages, indie artists are the future of creative music (as far as I’m concerned). Love the infusion of Blackfish and Afterlife, you can never seem to go wrong with either of them.

    Lastly, I must say I definitely slept on Sweetback. I previewed their sampler on Amazon.com and think that’ll be added to my wishlist.

    Thanks for the Monday morning kick-off and may you have a blessed week.

    ~peace & blessings~

  2. ::: Angela ::: What can I say that I haven’t before. I really enjoy your comments and glad that you listen to the podcast consistently. It’s all the more encouraging to me to keep them coming, Thanks for nice comment and the feedback you gave me the other day.

    Have a great day!

  3. Yes we do! I enjoy your Twitter posts and mix recommendations as well! Keep up the good work and stay tuned for more podcasts!

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