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What’s up everyone?

Hope all is well with u. Sitting in The Lab this rainy Sunday evening, thinking about the various projects I’m working on, and testing out a new WP plugin called Twitter Tools (which will hopefully work to auto-post this, since Bird Feeder was not updated to work with Twitter’s recent OAuth configuration).

  • AfterSix Productions: We’re close, very close after *years* of working on this project. Currently looking at a new male vocalist to complete this duet I wrote, then it’s off to mixing and prepping tracks for final master. The next three months are pretty much laid out in our project file. The website is 99% done and looks good. Just need to make final decisions on the mastering facility, distribution, etc.
  • contempojazzsoulhop: Cross Country Collective. This is the genius of Fave and The Big La. The single “Give To Ya” has been released and well received in the US and abroad. Head nod to both these prolific musicians for allowing me in on this project…stay tuned.
  • SFTF: Yep, your man…this is my project, various original tracks and songs I’ve been working on, as well as remix projects I’ve been done and will continue to do.
  • The Nikki Ruth Project: This is the brainchild of another prolific songwriter and producer, Ms Tina E. Clark. Very versed in the music business, she has the Midas Touch with everything she lays her hands on. I’ve been asked to participate on this project and she’s released the first track entitled “Pearl” available on iTunes.
  • Sphere of Influence: Smooth jazz keyboardist and long time friend, Tim Watson is working on a new release. I had the good fortune of providing the guitar tracks for the title track of this very hot CD. Always a pleasure working with Tim, a musician with a heart of gold.
  • Various remix projects: The latest I’ve done was a remix for “The Most Impossible Plan”, from The Skatterbrain EP, The Basic Condition Of Life. Headnod to Dan Weatherall for allowing the Twitter community to take part in his latest EP. One thing I’d love to become is a great remixer. Luckily there are plenty contests and projects out there on a regular basis.
  • I’ve got a new personal project that I plan to launch in 2011. Domain is registered, host in place. Stay tuned.

    That’s it for now. Enjoy the evening.

    ::: oceans of rhythm :::


    PS: Big thanks to Gadget Girl for helping me to get Twitter Tools to work.

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