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Good afternoon. Hope all is well with you this holiday season. Had a recording session last night in The Lab to lay vocals for a track I wrote called Chamorrita. The origin of this track goes back to a summer I spent on the island of Guam, on business travel. Guam, although in the South Pacific, is a US Territory, and is, in many ways, very commercialized. The team I was with put in very long hours during the week, and like many of us do here, hit the mall at times for a little shopping etc. I noticed one afternoon that the mall there is no different than the mall here on the mainland, especially with guys checkin’ out girls and vice versa. As I noticed this similarity, the idea came to me about the song. It’s typical, a guy checkin; out this female in the mall, and she knows he’s doin’ it. They island natives are called “chamorros”, which is where I got the name “Chamorrita” from.

I basically fleshed it out on my laptop when I got back to the hotel that afternoon, presented the instrumental to Dan for a listen and he came up with a melody and lyrics, and that’s how the track was born. Here’s a few outtakes (we gotta have fun during the session) and two snippets from the track.

Paranoid? Yeah ok:

Candlewax, ummm…

Beatboxin’…uh no.

Chamorrita- the intro

The guitar solo (in work)

We’ve got one or two more sessions before it’s ready for mixdown…Stay tuned, stay safe.



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4 Responses to The Chamorrita Sessions – AfterSix Productions

  1. Heatherlynn says:

    So what kind of business did you do on Guam?

  2. Fresh says:

    Hello Heatherlynn….

    Nice of you to stop by. I spent part of the summers of 2007 and 2008 at the naval base doing testing of the NASA satellite antenna systems being built there. I really enjoyed my stay both times. Ironically, on my second flight down, I sat next the wife of one of the island’s major radio personalities and hope to send this song to him for possible airplay. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Heatherlynn says:

    That’s awesome! I’m glad people outside of the island take interest in the island.

  4. Fresh says:

    I had a great time both times I was there. Thank you!

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