Health and Wellness Week: July 25 – 29: 8 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Water


On this next to the last day of Health and Wellness Week, I decided to post about another physical aspect of well being and that is the benefits of water. All you physicians check me on this, but from what I know, the brain is 78% water and the body itself is composed of 98% of this stuff called dihydrogen oxide. I try to drink as much water as I can. It’s my favorite overall beverage (with Sobe Elixirs a close second…haha). In any event, with the plethora of sports drinks out, I always reach for water for replenishment and thirst when I can. I ended up finding a pretty good article earlier this week entitled

As the week winds down, I wanted to also share another friend in my Twitter stream, Dr. Melodie, a health and wellness practicioner and practicing chiropractor. She has a great health and wellness blog that I suggest you check out. I like it a lot. If I get a chance to do a final post tomorrow, I’ll reflect on what I enjoy about it. Check out my friend’s posts this week at


Health and Wellness Week: July 25 – 29 – Motivation to be well.

Hello all….

Hope everyone is well (no pun intended) This week is National Health and Welness Week and though we are into our second day of it, I thought I’d do a quick post in conjunction to what my friend Angela is doing over at hersite. One of the newer ways (over the last year) I’ve chosen to maintain health is through running (as most of you know). I find it t be a great, unemcumbered way to get good cardio exercise in. Combining that with a gym workout consisting of circuit and free weights makes a good process in getting that physical aspect of the health in.

While that maintains the physical part and does translate to the mental, there’s still that aspect of wellness that has to do how we choose to deal with, practice good thinking, and avoid those things (within our power) that can wreck our mental well being. This is the part I hope to expound on before the week ends, time willing…but as we all know …it tales motivation! Let’s strive for it.

In the mean time, time to start the grind, here’s hoping you have a great day.

Take care,


That’s The Way I Like It (B-side) – Slave/New Plateau (1984)


What’s up? Over the last month or so, I keep finding out real good things about Slave that I never knew about. Through the tribute post I did for Mr. Mark in March, I’ve received some great comments, an actual tag to the post on, and made many connects with other fans on Facebook. One connect I made was via a comment to the tribute post. A fan happened to send me a track I’d never heard of. It’s the B-side to “Ooooh”, from Slave’s 1984 LP, “New Plateau” This track doesn’t appear on the LP, and it was a pleasure to have this fan hook me up with hit. In case you haven’t heard it, it’s got all the tight elements that Slave had in their tracks around this time – signature vocal stylings and guitar of Danny Webster, Keith Nash’s drum work/programming, and that slammin’ bass line from The Hansolor. This entire track is tightI hope you enjoy it as much as I am.

That\'s The Way I Like It

Big up to Gerald W. for hookin’ me up with this track!


Morning run (08 Jul 11): Nike+

Good morning crew…
Happy Friday to all. It’s been a minute since I blogged about running, much less blogged at all, but since I have a few minutes this morning before I head into the office, why not.

If you’ve been noticing my FB page updates, I’ve been having my run stats posted there. I fell off the wagon last summer (right at vacation time) from running for the first time with the Nike+ system. Running is a great form of cardio, but frankly, I’ve NEVER liked running. It’s the techie in me that made running interesting, because with Nike+, I can track my personal performance metrics using a device I’ve grown to love since the first ones came out – the iPod. Running with music is great, the Nike+ website leverages superb marketing and offers a great deal of interactivity, not just with the site but fellow runners, known and unknown.

Most of my runs have been on a treadmill, but as much as I hate road runs, it’s not only the most popular form of running, but I’ll be doing it more and more to sever the reliance on treadmill running. The training of outdoor runs, for me, is tough now, but the gains I’ll achieve will keep my mindset looking forward to them. Combined with an improved diet, free weights and circuit machine workouts, I like what the combination is offering. Today’s run was not bad, the weather was perfect and I learned about pace. Time permitting, I may run at the gym today at lunch or after work, I’ll see. The good thing is I got my run in for the day either way. As for inspiration, this five year old commercial does it for me…this is where I am (at least) trying to get to:

Have a great day…