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Greetings readers….

Welcome to a special edition of The Sunday Soundtrack, in honor of the 56th birthday of the iconic musician, songwriter, producer, and performer, Prince Rogers Nelson. This podcast, staying with the concept of the Sunday Soundtrack, is comprised of only his instrumental tracks.

With all the instrumental songs he’s composed in his 30+ years of being an artist, the list was hard to narrow down to seven tracks. It’s my desire that you enjoy the flow. That said, let’s jump to the playlist.

1. From The Lotus – LOTUSFLOW3R
2. Gamillah – Chocolate Invasion
3. North – NEWS
4. Copenhagen – C-NOTE
5. 13 (Paisley Park Mix) – 16/Madhouse
6. Kamasutra (Overture #8) – Kamasutra (aka The Truth)/Crystal Ball
7. Back To The Lotus – LOTUSFLOW3R


Shout out to Shelly Ogden Nelson for sourcing the podcast artwork.
Shout out to Come Back Nikki for alerting me to the follow correction. I mispoke in the podcast! Truth and Kamasutra are actually two different cds, both came with Crystal Ball if you pre-ordered it. The Truth is mostly acoustic.

Glad to know that his longevity is ongoing. Enjoy!

::: oceans of rhythm:::


10 thoughts on “The Sunday Soundtrack (Special Edition) – Princestrumentals

  1. Sexy, sexy voice. I mean whomever is speaking the introduction

    Was that you Doug?
    You should do the “phone bone” like spike lee said in girl 6.

    You should be a broadcaster. You have great pipes for it.♡

  2. Hi Beckie 🙂

    Yes that is all me…thanks for the comment 🙂 LOL…I’ll pass on the phone bone LOL, but will continue to do podcasting, my form of radio (there’s a story behind that). 🙂

  3. Great stuff Doug – Highlights for me were 13 & Copenhagen, but I also loved your smooth DJ voice 🙂

  4. Mark,
    Thanks bro. It was hard narrowing down all the track choices to a list of seven, but I did it. Glad you enjoyed it!

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