Social Media Sabbatical (SMS): Day 20 – 20 Aug 18 – Using less social media – Pt. 2

Another workday Monday has come and gone. It was productive, tedious but productive. This morning, the usual diatribe occurred between me and my brother in podcasting/tech/photographer/music, DarrenKeith regarding our social media use, or lack thereof. The discussion was briefly about plans of usage when returning back to FB and IG after this break is over. Strangely enough, I stumbled across this Twitter post and thread today:

The OP stated essentially the same thoughts I’ve been having regarding my return to Instagram. The only thing different between her and I is that she has a successful business that she’s been using FB and IG to promote. Me, all I have are two secondary IG counts used for branding my music production activities as a personal artist and one half of AfterSix Productions.

Reading the thread further solidfied my thoughts about deleting my personal IG account. Only two IG followers reached out to me since 1 August to ask about what happened to my IG account (there are 5 followers total whom I let know ahead of time that the sabbatical was going to take place). As of this writing, I’ve already requested IG send me a download link to retrieve all my content. That site will be deleted no later than 31 August 2018 at 11:59pm. The other two IG accounts will remain. As for FB, I’m considering what I will do once I returned regarding how much time I will actually engage there. Twitter will remain, as it provides a relatively high ROI. Flickr will become my platform for photosharing.

Well, studies say that it typically takes 21 days to form a habit. Tomorrow marks the 21st day of sabbatical from both FB and IG. We’ll see how valid, IRL, those studies are…

Peace and blessings,

4 thoughts on “Social Media Sabbatical (SMS): Day 20 – 20 Aug 18 – Using less social media – Pt. 2

  1. As always on time post in regards to IG. I didn’t think about requesting my data. I will do that when log back into IG.

    You made it 21 days, your habits are going to stick PLUS you will only be focusing on two of your main sites and one IG site. 🙂

  2. Regarding IG, I started getting emails from them after day 5 or 6 of my sabbatical, suggesting who to start following, who’s posted something new, etc. When I posted to IG regularly, I never got emails from them. I guess when the junkie stays away, the dope dealer comes after them, enticing them to score. Well, I’m not itching for a fix and this part of the experiment has me reconsidering a return to IG, as in NOT returning.

    Regarding FB, I logged in yesterday, curious to see how many notifications I had. They were too numerous to count and as I very quickly scrolled down the list I got bored and signed back off before finishing the list. There are connections that I want to keep through FB, but I see cutting down my interactions drastically going forward.

    Feeling “free and easy” (from social media, that is…)

  3. Yes, Calandra…you are absolutely correct, I’ve been getting email messages as well – the same type. Everyone on my Messenger (just about) are FB friends. One person out of 150 friends on FB reached out to me to ask why my account was deactivated. This means I’m not missed (not that it’s a big deal) but deeper still, it makes me realize that for the time spent engaging there, my ROI is very little – which also means that you don’t exactly “get back what you put in”. Thanks for the comment.

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