Early morning musings: Twitter

It’s Saturday morning. My alarm woke me up to a sunny day and I remembered that have zero tasks or events on my plate for today.

I purposely laid in bed for an hour checking for my usual tech tidbits in my Twitter feed. Being a user for 16 years (an early adapter to, and adopter of, the platform), I’ve amassed over 65,000 tweets. Though I’ve watched Twitter evolve to what many call a cesspool, I find it invaluable as a source of information for things I’d like to learn about regarding certain aspects of our evolving techsphere.

With that, and all the impending doom many predict after Elon purchases it, I’m adopting a “wait-and-see” attitude. I’ve taken actions to make my feed enjoyable to read and will only exodus Twitter if those actions become OBE beyond my control.

Have a good one.