A Room with a VU (Music Production)


Welcome to my page on my journey of music production. What about me? Well, I’m a software systems engineer who’s been composing/recording/arranging and performing music since I was 14. It was that age that I first picked up the guitar, and basically haven’t put it down since. 🙂 Shortly after learning guitar, bass guitar came naturally, and later on in life, keyboards.

As of August 2014, released my first solo EP entitled Halcyon Sky. My business partner and long time friend from college and I have formed AfterSix Productions and plan to release our debut project entitled “What Love Is” before the end of 2014.

Please feel free to check my blog roll here on the site for the music production pages I frequent.

Thanks for the read…

That being said, this page will be about everything and anything that’s on my mind about music production. I hope you find some interest in what my creative muse does to me, as well as my thoughts on the subject as a whole.

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