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The 100 Days of Code Journey

Greetings all… For those of you that follow me on Twitter(@MrFresh), you’ve seen daily posts about my progress during this 100 Days of Code challenge. I’ve embarked on my third try at teaching myself how to code in Python. In … Continue reading

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The Return of Tech Times – The Podcast

Greetings all, If you’re fortunate enough to have Labor Day off and not working as I type this, I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. This post signifies the return of a podcast I started back in the Summer of 2013, … Continue reading

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Bot fun (no, not the social media type): Mindstorms NXT + Android

Greetings all, hope all is well. I’m an AFOL. You may be asking what that is. I grew up playing with and very much enjoying Lego as a child, back in the day, like in the 70s (LOL). Since it … Continue reading

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POTD – 19/365

Life is a sport, make it count. Happy 7th birthday to the NikeFuel Band. I won’t wax poetically about this fitness tracker because I’ve provided a number of previous blog posts I’ve done that go into depth about my relationship … Continue reading

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POTD – 17/365

“….Adele got a flip phone…” Greetings all… I’m a bit of a gadget monger. While I don’t keep every bit of outdated, dead tech (I’m about to throw some on eBay and Craigslist though), I have kept a few devices. … Continue reading

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POTD – 16/365

“There ‘s an app for that.” I started seriously, or maybe I should say consistently, going to the gym in my very late 20’s…(yeah, yeah, there have been a FEW hiatuses, but that’s not what this post is about,😂)…long before … Continue reading

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POTD – 11/365

…and you’re complaining about that download time, huh? So, yeah… New Year’s Day, early in the wee hours of the morning, there was a celebration of another type going on at my job. The photo above explains it all – … Continue reading

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Where in the world is…(my privacy)?

unsplash-logoNESA by Makers NP: Daneel – Debris (Inner Ocean Records) Greetings, all… I’ve been out of the blogopshere for awhile, but this topic has been brewing within me for months. As you’ve probably guessed by know, it’s on the aspect(s) … Continue reading

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Farewell, FuelBand….it’s been a sheer pleasure.

Greetings all, It’s Friday, 10:31PM EST to be exact, and I’m glad that the start of a long(er) weekend is here. This post is about the end of a journey, a journey that began with the use of what became … Continue reading

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The Phone Zone – Lessons in Reduction

Greetings and good evening…. As is often said, “Where did the month go?” Three more days until we enter in the last quarter of 2018. It’s just after 9pm and it was a long day at work – two hour … Continue reading

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