POTD – 30/365

What project from Tears For Fears does this photo remind you of? I took it in NC a few years ago.

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POTD – 29/365

‘Snow use….

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POTD – 28/365

My spot for outdoor runs. Yesterday I just walked for 1.5 miles, then caught the sky ablaze.

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POTD – 27/365

Have you ever heard the term “hangry”? I get like that sometimes…. 🤣🤣🤣

Sunday is weekly meal time. Sources are from a 8 year old magazine and the newer, most excellent book by Kevin Curry, @fitmencook !! You better come to DC, so I can get my book signed, mannnn!💪🏽🤣🙌🏽 Movement•Recovery•Sleep•Nutrition•Mindset

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POTD – 26 /365

….the best medicine.

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POTD – 25/365

Staying in the lane of training (the brain).


These are five facets of training defined by Nike and are the five aspects that lie at the root of their latest podcast, “Training”.

We’ve all tried exercising, whether it be in or out of a gym, and have had our various levels of success and consistency. It can be a rollercoaster ride of sorts (as I can truly attest to). The key to consistency in training and exercise (or anything you’re trying to achieve in life) all begins with how you “train your brain”. The concept is not phenomenal at all, but is foundational. It has helped me, but I am nowhere near reaping the full benefits of such, but I definitely am enjoying the journey through learning and application. Here’s to greater success through extended discipline via “exercising” patience.

“Think” about it. Now, it’s pizza time.



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POTD – 24/365

When you workout regularly, you stop looking at this as food and start looking at it like fuel.

I’m glad my mother taught me how to cook before I left for college, but now approach to cooking is so different as it is tied to diet and physical fitness. Strangely enough, it tastes better with a different outlook.

What inspired me is a book, that recently came out last year by Kevin Curry called Fit Men Cook. The references to it, his website, and IG feed are below.




1. Fit Men Cook

2. Fit Men Cook (Instagram)

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POTD – 23/365

“Pull up to my bumper” – Uhh…no thank you.

This has gotten tired….years ago. There are many days when I wish I could take the subway into work. 🙄

Have a good one!

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POTD – 22/365

Style…. what is it to you? Sound off ….



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POTD – 22/365

“Does anybody know what time it is, does anybody really care?” – Chicago

I love that song by Chicago – the music, the lyrics, the arrangement, just a really great pop song, the kind you really don’t hear anymore. I remember first hearing it in regular rotation on NYC’s WABC-AM, with DJ Cousin Brucey! LOL.

It is mad cold today!

Time, so elusive, yet it can seem to drag on and on anytime you don;t want it to. I always seem to want more, but the old and factual saying, “We all get the same amount each day – 24 hours”, all boils down to how you use it. Is that right, or am I missing something??


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