MixTips #2 – Transferring projects between DAWs: Logic to Pro Tools

Mix engineers (and enthusiasts)….

Hope everyone’s good. One of the projects I’m working on is recording a smooth jazz guitar track for an upcoming smooth jazz CD. When talking to the artist the other night, I opted to send him the my entire Logic Studio project, or just the audio file and reference mp3 of the song that I’d bounce.

He mentioned that his engineers use Pro Tools and they can pretty much take any audio file format I send and make it happen. Knowing that all DAWS principally operate the same way, I know there are some nuances between them. I thought it’d be best to learn how to transfer projects between them (as it would be good to know when dealing with future clients).

After some reading, I found that Pro Tools primairly deals with .wav files in 48 KHz/24-bit resolution, so I thought I’d make my export file ready for his engineers, which Logic will allow bouncing a wav file to that exact format. How about multiple audio tracks? That’s simple too:

1) File > Export > All Tracks As Audio Files.
2) Make sure all files start on 0.
3) Be sure to have all faders at unity, centered and without dynamics/effects (raw files)

Here’s a good video showing the process….

Hope this is helpful (Fave, I know you have both at GnS Studios!)


Welcome to MixTips – MixTips #1: Making your mix better.

Welcome to Mix Tips. This series of tips will come from my experience creating better studio recording mixes, tiips that I’ve chosen to share with other engineers along the way. They’ll be given in no particular fashion. I hope you find them helpful.

MixTip #1 – Making your mix better.
Remove bass frequencies below 40 Hz, nothing can really be heard in this sub-audio range so removing these frequencies leaves the energy to be reused elsewhere for a louder and more pronounced mix.