Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 07 Jun 09


Hello Listeners…

Good to be back with another Sunday Soundtrack podcast. It’s my gift to you (as well as me) and I really enjoy every chance I get to do it. I hope your week has been good, or is starting off well and will remain as such throughout.

I was driving somewhere last week and my wife asked me how the podcasts were coming along with regards to featuring music, etc. I told her one of the great things about featuring these genres is the willingness of indie labels and artists to have their music featured on a podcast. The labels and artist that have found out about the Sunday Soundtrack have always been generous and thankful to me for supporting and showcasing their tracks, to the end where they have placed me on their mailing list to receive free downloads of new tracks as they are released. Last week, I contaced Skipless via his myspace page regarding the tracks from his EP, “Rooftops”, that I’ve featured, He was so thankful that, even though both his EPs are available for download, he wanted to send me physical CDs….all the way from Finland….that’s some luv right there! LOL. All in all, it’s always a win-win situation doing this podcast. New tracks for me, exposure for them!

Here we are, into the second half of 2009 and embarking on the summer solstice in a few weeks. We’ve had a lot of rain in the DC metro area, so I’m looking forward to some extended sunshine. I’m sure many in the area would agree. If anything, we are super green over here! Interestingly enough, it’s this second half of the year, leading into the next, where I really look at what needs to be focused on and/or fixed to start a new year off…what about you? Whatever it is, I hope that what you positively set out to achieve becomes manifest.

The hiatus last week allowed me to tune into my favorite sources and bringing 8 brand new tracks this weekend. Returning artists are Blank and Jones, Alex Cortiz, and Skipless. The mood is definitely chilled throughout the playlist, ending with yet another track that I think defines the genre of downtempo and chillout VERY nicely. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

1. Racetracks -Tony Watson/Abstrakt Sampler
2. Solarcell – Fresh Moods/Exhale
3. Smooth – Alex Cortiz/Magnifico
4. Skeptic Manc – Moss/East Coast Chip Shop
5. Loose Tune – Skipless/Jazzamentals EP
6. Livechange – Fresh Moods/Exhale
7. Blue Sun – Moss/Stone Soup
8. Twilight – Blank & Jones/Relax Edition 2 (Sun) – EP
9. Really – Bluemind/Om Chilled, Vol. 2

Another great Chill Out Track on Ibiza Chill Session 2006

Song: Emotional – Laguna Sun (Ibiza chill session mix)

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peace, and thanks for listening….


Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack (Hip-Hop Floetics: The Minimal Flow) – 24 May 09

needle to the groove

Good day, crew….

Thanks for joining me on the Sunday Soundtrack again, it’s always a pleasure to have u listening in. I hope and trust all is well with everyone and for those celebrating Memorial Day, please remember to honor our heroes that have fought, sacrified, and continue to sacrifice for the freedom of this great country. To them we owe great gratitude. All heroes, of all types, deserve this thankfulness.

This week, I felt a hip-hop vibe many days and the result is a mix of the conceptual flow of the Sunday Soundtrack with some organic instrumental hip hop vibe. Many of you have discussed music with me, know that I am a huge fan of, as well as being, the indie artist. I bring to you, this episode, two such indie artists in the genre of smooth, organic instrumental hip hop. My featured artist is Skipless…bring us tracks from a release called Rooftops. Special guest is none other than my man (who I have and have had the pleasure of musically collaborating with) Todd Kelley, aka The Big La, with two smooth selections from his EPs entitled “Blue, Kinda Grey” and “Water Under The Bridge”. I also have some spoken word interlude by a very good friend and poetess, Roqui, bringing us a piece entitled “Untitled”…flowing over a track by yours truly.

Without further adieu (u know me, a man of brevity), the playlist:

Rooftops Intro – Skipless/Rooftops
Climbing – Skipless/Rooftops
Freddie Knows – Skipless/Rooftops
Alter – Skipless/Rooftops
Ashes – Skipless/Rooftops
Ego – Skipless/Rooftops
Eclipse Outro – Skipless/Rooftops
Spoken Word: “Untitled” by Afro Bane/Roqui
Moment Of Truths (The Morning After) – Big La vs. Todd/Water… Under The Bridge
The Etry – Big La vs. Todd/Blue… Kinda Grey/
Water Under The Bridge – Big La vs. Todd/Water… Under The Bridge

Skipless/Rooftops EP
Todd Kelley Worldwide

This is how it’s often done…my boy Hedtec flowin’ a track using the Akai MPC 1000:

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Enjoy your moments in positivity…hopefully we can all learn, for the better, those of negavity.