Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 07 Jun 09


Hello Listeners…

Good to be back with another Sunday Soundtrack podcast. It’s my gift to you (as well as me) and I really enjoy every chance I get to do it. I hope your week has been good, or is starting off well and will remain as such throughout.

I was driving somewhere last week and my wife asked me how the podcasts were coming along with regards to featuring music, etc. I told her one of the great things about featuring these genres is the willingness of indie labels and artists to have their music featured on a podcast. The labels and artist that have found out about the Sunday Soundtrack have always been generous and thankful to me for supporting and showcasing their tracks, to the end where they have placed me on their mailing list to receive free downloads of new tracks as they are released. Last week, I contaced Skipless via his myspace page regarding the tracks from his EP, “Rooftops”, that I’ve featured, He was so thankful that, even though both his EPs are available for download, he wanted to send me physical CDs….all the way from Finland….that’s some luv right there! LOL. All in all, it’s always a win-win situation doing this podcast. New tracks for me, exposure for them!

Here we are, into the second half of 2009 and embarking on the summer solstice in a few weeks. We’ve had a lot of rain in the DC metro area, so I’m looking forward to some extended sunshine. I’m sure many in the area would agree. If anything, we are super green over here! Interestingly enough, it’s this second half of the year, leading into the next, where I really look at what needs to be focused on and/or fixed to start a new year off…what about you? Whatever it is, I hope that what you positively set out to achieve becomes manifest.

The hiatus last week allowed me to tune into my favorite sources and bringing 8 brand new tracks this weekend. Returning artists are Blank and Jones, Alex Cortiz, and Skipless. The mood is definitely chilled throughout the playlist, ending with yet another track that I think defines the genre of downtempo and chillout VERY nicely. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

1. Racetracks -Tony Watson/Abstrakt Sampler
2. Solarcell – Fresh Moods/Exhale
3. Smooth – Alex Cortiz/Magnifico
4. Skeptic Manc – Moss/East Coast Chip Shop
5. Loose Tune – Skipless/Jazzamentals EP
6. Livechange – Fresh Moods/Exhale
7. Blue Sun – Moss/Stone Soup
8. Twilight – Blank & Jones/Relax Edition 2 (Sun) – EP
9. Really – Bluemind/Om Chilled, Vol. 2

Another great Chill Out Track on Ibiza Chill Session 2006

Song: Emotional – Laguna Sun (Ibiza chill session mix)

For those of you on Twitter, please feel free to follow me there . For those who are on Facebook, please feel free to join the Sunday Soundtrack Facebook Group as well. Shouts to my entire podcasting massive in the blogroll. I hope your week is as chilled out as that video track.

peace, and thanks for listening….


Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 10 May 09

Thanks for stopping in again for this week’s Sunday Soundtrack. As usual. always a complete pleasure in sharing this musical pallette every week that I can.

This week’s playlist includes a continuation of tracks from the Obsession Lounge compilation, first featured last week. The OL collection collection has a well rounded representation of tracks in the chillout genre, so I hope you enjoy another taste of such.

About half way through the week, I was auditioning tracks to feature this week, and stumbled into my Incognito playlist. While ‘Cog is not classified as downtempo, chillout, or the like, I think their vibe is right inline with the concept of the Sunday Soundtrack That being said I bring you a triple play of Incognito, as well. There is something about their music (to me) that lifts spirits each and every time. I’ve lost track of how many times, over the years, listening to their tracks has transformed my not so good mood into a much better one. I had to include them this week.

With that being said…here’s this week’s playlist:

1. Wonders & Signs – Buckshot LeFonque/Buckshot LeFonque
2. One Step Beyond – Fogger/Obsession Lounge
3. All That – Atjazz/LabFunk
4. A Past Life – Adam Singer/Gradient Sound
5. I Can See The Future – Incognito/No Time Like The Future [Bonus Track]
6. She Wears Black – Incognito/Beneath The Surface
7. Fountain Of Life – Incognito/Beneath The Surface
8. Moon B252 – Nor Elle/Mole Listening Pearls
9. Une Table B Trois – ZEN-MEN feat. Caroline/Obsession Lounge
10. Conmigo – Fous De La Mer/Obsession Lounge

All the tracks featured can found or identified at Amazon.com, iTunes, or discogs.com

  • atjazz
  • Adam Singer
  • Incognito
  • Nor Elle
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    Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 26 Apr 09

    Hello Listeners….

    Glad to be back with another edition of the Sunday Soundtrack. Thanks for coming by to get a lil bit of smoothness during your day, night, or in between.

    I had a nice weekend last weekend and this weekend has offiicially started. Today was representative of a true spring day, in every sense of the word. Lots of sun, blue sky and very seasonable temps, even into the 7pm hour. It should be in the 80’s all weekend, so that’s a plus in my book. It’s a little after 9pm and I decided to get a little jump on the production of this podcast. I’ve got a few favorite tracks of mine on the playlist this time around, from Rae and Christian, Jazzanova, etc. I think the musical palette your about to sense is pretty good, if I may say so…(I guess I just did…:-P)

    I’ve a number of new tracks in store for you over the coming weeks. I was recently contacted by AstorBell Records, a new net label out of Sweden that has graciously given me access to all their artists tracks to feature on the Sunday Soundtrack at my leisure. it’s nice when u can forge global relationships such that the music can be put forth!. Since I am one for brevity…the playlist follows…

    1. Not Just Anybody (At Jazz Flugelhorn Remix) – Rae & Christian/Nocturnal Activity (Sleepwalking Remixed)
    2. Sudden Moments – Sunyata Project/Obsession_Lounge
    3. Konspiration V1 – Konferenz/Obsession_Lounge
    4. Didjital Vibrations – Jamiroquai/Travelling Without Moving
    5. Sound Burger – Akotcha/Sounds Like Inertia, Vol. 2
    6. Make It So (2008) – Chevalier/Balance
    7. Cross That Line – Sine/Cross That Line
    8. L.O.V.E. And You & I (Dr. Ghe Mix – Jazzanova/Jazzanova Remixed [Disc 1]
    9. Acre of Sun – Darshan Ambient/Autumn’s Apple
    10. Shelter – Rory Hoy/Cosmic Child

    That’s it…It’s my wish that u enjoy this podcast, it’s always a pleasure to bring it. Be sure to check out my fellow podcast massive in my blogroll. I’m certain you will enjoy what they have to offer.

    Using Twitter? Feel free to follow The Sunday Soundtrack. If you’re on Facebook, check the group out here

    For those interested, I’d like to get you on my mailing list. Rest assured the list is Sunday Soundtrack specific – podcasts, contests, new artists, etc. If you’d like to be on it, please email me your address….

    Until next time, keep it chilled.

    The Sunday Soundtrack Pt. 2 – 12 Apr 2009

    (Thx to AK for the photo “donation” [wink])

    Welcome back (smile). This is a first…two podcasts in one day. I was going to save this one for next week, but I’m in the mood to bring it from both ends today. I like the tracks I found this week and wanted to bring them forth. One, of course, as mentioned is your’s truly, with a track I featured before, Cham’s Groove. This track is one I wrote while on business travel in Guam. Inspired by the people there, the city, the etc. I composed it and recorded it right there in my hotel room…ahhh technology (wink).

    On the playlist this week is the hip-hop influenced chill out of none other than the world renowned DJ Cam and independent artist, Skipless, of the indie label Dusted Wax, the smooth downtempo of pearlcoder out of Germany, and two new artists I just discovered week, via XM Radio, Rory Hoy and Bluemind. Presenting…the playlist:

    1. Kalimba Groove – DJ Cam/Liquid Hip Hop
    2. Alter – Skipless/Rooftops
    3. Cham’s Groove – Groove 7/SFTF – Barrigada Sky
    4. jazzilanvon – pearlcoder/moving pattern session 1
    5. Marrakech (Specek Main Mix) – Incognito/Future Remixed
    6. Hypnotease – Rory Hoy/Cosmic Child
    7. Really – Bluemind/Om Chilled, Vol. 2

    Seven tracks….a complete number. Enough to whet your musical appetite? I hope so. As always, u know I like to keep it short, sweet, and to the point…..the point being…chilled beats.

    Lazy with the links today, folks, grrr. All the artists above can be found on iTunes (with the exception of Skipless, and…..me). For more information, check Discogs.com as well.

    Two shout outs today. First, big up to my boy Donny Shelton. Donny and I go back to middle school. Thanks for the call about the Sunday Soundtrack enjoyment, both from a listening and audiophile standpoint…I appreciate the comment…let me know when you can listen to it on that high end system of yours!. Second one to Regina in NYC…hey you! Thanks for the e-mail comments on the podcast….glad it can get your through your work day and complaining co-workers (wink).

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    On Twitter…yeah, it’s there too: The Sunday Soundtrack Twitter Page. Please follow me there for weekly updates (new contest coming soon….)

    Enjoy your day!



    The Sunday Soundtrack Pt. 1 (Easter 2009) – 12 Apr 09

    Hello Listeners….

    Welcome to this special edition of The Sunday Soundtrack. For those who listened last week, it was my intention to take the day off, but I decided to forgo that, and bring to you this edition in honor of the celebration of Easter, Resurrection Day 2009.

    The mix features gospel jazz keyboardist Ben Tankard, and gospel jazz group The Brentwood Jazz Quartet…culminating in a nice mix of smooth contemporary and more classic jazz renderings of Christian hymns. The playlist is as follows:

    The Sunday Soundtrack (Easter Edition 2009)

    1. For God So Love The World – Ben Tankard/Keynote Speaker
    2. Christ The Lord Has Risen Today – Brentwood Jazz Quartet/Living In The Here And Now
    3. What A Friend – Ben Tankard/Keynote Speaker
    4. Holy, Holy, Holy – Brentwood Jazz Quartet
    5. Let Us Break Bread Together – Sam Levine (of the BJQ)/Something To Believe
    6. A Mighty Fortress – Brentwood Jazz Quartet/Living In The Here And Now
    7. Kum-Bi-Yah – Ben Tankard/Instrumentally Yours
    8. No Words Necessary – Ben Tankard/Song of Solomon

    Ben Tankard Official Website

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    On Twitter…yeah, it’s there too: The Sunday Soundtrack Twitter Page. Please follow me there for weekly updates.

    Hope you’ve enjoyed yet another special edition of the podcast and that your Easter Day is blessed. It’s definitely a time to celebrate!

    Stay tuned for your normally scheduled Sunday Soundtrack later today! Yes, a two-fer!!

    Have a great day…


    Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 05 Apr 09

    Photo Credit: Mr Fresh. All Rights Reserved 2009

    Welcome back again, friends/listeners. Ok, this is technically still the Sunday Soundtrack since it was uploaded before 12am PST (my rules…lol) I trust all is well. This particular SSP returns to the essence of downtempo and chill. It’s sorta off the cuff in that nothing particularly new came across my radar…but in the quick choosing of tracks, I like the end result. I hope u will as well. There are two tracks from your’s truly, Groove 7, as well as a childhood friend, Erasto.

    Been a long week, was in training Monday through Friday and had a very busy weekend, so this Sunday evening is the first I had a chance to wind down. With some documentation work ahead of me, I may just re-listen to this in The Lab…candles lit and all.

    Minimal commentary on this one folks….it’s back to grind tomorrow, and I hope to wind down as quickly as I can tonite. Your tracklisting is below:

    1. blue beach – boot cut rockers/moving pattern session 1
    2. Typewriter Lesson – Cornelius
    3. X Facto – Erasto/Man Of Peace
    4. Y-Factor – Groove 7/SFTF – Barrigada Sky
    5. Guidance – Headphonism Ft. Anna Meta
    6. Good Morning London – Kaya Project/Elixir
    7. Third Sky – Groove 7/SFTF Vol. 1

    A small plate of chilled beats for you this evening… Wishing u great times ahead….


    Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack f/Jens Buchert – 15 Mar 09

    Chill, downtempo, electronica, ambient, nu-jazz
    Photo Credit: Jens Buchert

    Welcome, once again, listeners to this edition of The Sunday Soundtrack. I trust you are doing well. I haven’t done a featured artist since last year, so I figured it was time to cross that bridge again. As you cross it with me, I am sure u will enjoy embarking on this journey for about an hour. During that time, you’ll discover the sonic landscape and musical scenery of Jens Buchert.

    1. Aerosol (Ice Lounge Mix) – Jens Buchert/Ice Lounge
    2. Variomat (Crystal Mix) – Jens Buchert/Ice Lounge
    3. Smooth Department – Jens Buchert/Intersphere
    4. Superdope – Jens Buchert/Intersphere
    5. Aztec – Jens Buchert/Sunrider
    6. Reflections – Jens Buchert/Sunrider
    7. M̩lange El̩ctrique РJens Buchert/Spa Lounge
    8. Plastic Heart – Jens Buchert/Spa Lounge
    9. Jade РJens Buchert/Caf̩ Lagoon
    10. Bamboo Sun РJens Buchert/Caf̩ Lagoon

    Discogs describes Jens as a prolific German producer of Chill, Downtempo, Lounge, Dub, Ambient & Techno and owner of JeBu Records. He is known under other aliases as Amberland, Dakini Mandarava, Hydra, and Noah. He’s performed in the group Noctemia.

    I discovered Jens, as well as a number of other artists via my long time two resources for The Sunday Soundtrack, XM Radio Channel 84 – Chill and Soma FM’s Groove Salad. He is a very good example of the kind of chilled beats and flow that I like in my downtempo preference…very smooth, laidback, and smooth. As I am typing this, I’m recording the music for this podcast on my Powerbook G4, listening back and enjoying the ambience here in The Lab.

    Now that you know a little bit of the man, let’s get into today’s playlist.

    You can find out more about Jens Buchert at his main websites:
    Jens Buchert’s Official Website
    Jens Buchert’s Myspace Page
    His expansive discography at Discogs

    I hope that u enjoyed the musical scenery as much as I did. Cherish the day, keep it chilled.


    Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 1 Mar 09

    Kristof's Chill Spot
    Photo Credit: Christophe Sandot

    Hey everyone…welcome back to The Sunday Soundtrack. Goodbye February…hello March. Two months gone already in ’09…wow…somebody slow it down…geez!. In any event, glad you can join me again. Hope your day is going well.

    The type of week I have, along with the kind of tracks I discover or am feeling at the moment, generally determines the flow of the playlist I developed. While this past week wasn’t necessarily overwhelming by any stretch of the imagination, it was tedious. The perpetuation of such led me to put together more of a laidback playlist. I put it together, partly, as a result of having discussions with who seems to be my biggest fan on The Sunday Soundtrack Facebook Group, Christophe Sandot over in France!. Kristof has made himself my official global ourtreach PR man, as he says…hahah. Just wanna give you a quick shoutout, brotha. Thanks for letting me know about the tracks your are listening to, the stories of your travels, and most of all spreading the word about The Sunday Soundtrack to your crew abroad, I definitely appreciate it.

    This edition of the podcast sort of features an artist I discovered on XM Radio and subsequently found their tracks on iTunes – Blank and Jones. Blank and Jones is a top dance group out of Germany, known for their chill and downtempo tracks. If you love some seriously chilled tracks, check them out. Their official website is here.

    Let’s move to the playlist:

    1. Gotta Be Love – Joey Youngman/Om Lounge, Vol. 10
    2. Original Bedroom Rockers – Kruder & Dorfmeister/Ultra Chilled
    3. President Chimp Toe – Fila Brazillia/Power Clown
    4. Twilight – Blank & Jones/Relax Edition 2 (Sun) – EP
    5. Cruisin – Blank & Jones/Relax Edition 2 (Sun) – EP
    6. Die Blaue Stunde – Blank & Jones/Relax Edition 3 (Sun) – EP
    7. ‘Lost In Thought – Jon Hopkins/Opalescent
    8. Florent 2 A.M. – Blank & Jones/Relax Edition 3 (Sun) – EP
    9. Miracles – Afterlife
    10. Tone Poem – Third Face/Sty Wars

    For your viewing pleasure, here’s one of their videos.

    That’s it…It’s my wish that u enjoy this podcast, it’s always a pleasure to bring it. Be sure to check out my fellow podcast massive in my blogroll. I’m certain you will enjoy what they have to offer.

    Using Twitter? Feel free to follow The Sunday Soundtrack. If you’re on Facebook, check the group out here

    Keep it chill….


    Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack (recast 1 Jun 08) – 22 Feb 09

    Hey folks….

    Thanks for listening in once again. While this week wasn’t VERY busy (this past Friday night and Saturday evening moreso), I didn’t get the new tracks I was hoping to get, and currently need to troubleshoot a mic issue with my audio interface. That being said, I’m posting another recast. I hope you enjoy the mix.

    1. Vibrations – Sutro Heights/Om Lounge – Vol.7
    2. Well I Gotta Story to Tell – Evolve/Chill Out-West Coast Edition, Vol. 2
    3. Survivor – Mr. Fingers/Future Soul
    4. Planet Of The Breaks (Jazzanova Rmx) – Visit Venus/The Endless Bummer Rmx Appendix
    5. Then Came You – Euphonic feat. Kevin Yost/Mushroom Jazz 2
    6. Hurt Of A Nerd (Jimpster Rmx) – Visit Venus/The Endless Bummer Rmx Appendix
    7. Feeling Good (Joe Clausell Remix) – Nina Simone/Verve Remix Box Set Deluxe Edition Set
    8. Like a Tattoo – Sade/Best of Sade

    Thanks to AMR for expressing interest in Nina Simone. I would have never considered her considering the vibe and genres of this podcast, but I was able to find the remix above. Again, Verve Records comes through.

    I hope you enjoyed the tracks, and further hope that whenever you’re listening to this, your state of mind is playing your desired soundtrack as well. If you have any questions about The Sunday Soundtrack, please feel free to email me.

    The Sunday Soundtrack is on Twitter, you can follow it here and on Facebook as well, here.

    For those podcasters/musicians/remixers/etc…I’m hoping to resurrect another podcast that I started in 2007. It is entitled “Fusion: Where Music, Technology, and the Creativity of the Artist Intersect”. If you are interested in participating, you can find more information about it here.

    peace, have a great week!
    All the best,

    Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – A Sunday Kind of Flow – 15 Feb 09

    Welcome to The Sunday Soundtrack! I hope all are well and had a good weekend thus far. I’m already sorta winding down from a laidback, but busy weekend. I could definitely use President’s Day off tomorrow for sure.

    This edition of the Sunday Soundtrack is entitled “A Sunday Kind Of Flow”, a title that was inspired by, you guessed it, all tracks with the word Sunday in the title. The tracks, as a whole, depart from my usual collection of chill, but change CAN be a good thing at times. I hope you enjoy it. It’s my pleasure to feature Mr. Tim Watson, a very talented smooth jazz keyboardist with a heart of gold. Tim, thanks for your gifts in total.

    Without further adieu…check the playlist…

    1. Sunday Morning– Earth Wind & Fire/Millennium
    2. Sunday Mornin’ – Brian Bromberg/Downright Upright
    3. Sunday Afternoon – Tim Watson/Sunday Afternoon
    4. Sunday Afternoon – Vanessa Daou/Zipless (Deluxe)
    5. Sunday Night – DJ Migs/Mushroom Jazz 2
    6. Sunday Breeze – Ben Tankard/The Minstrel
    7. A Sunday Samba (Con Dos Guitarras)/Phaze II
    8. A Sunday Kind Of Love – Etta James/Love Songs

    “Sunday Morning” – Brian Bromberg and The Downright Upright Band

    Special shout out to Ana B for providing me with the Etta James track…. much appreciated.

    I *will* be back next week as usual with a SSP re-cast from last year.

    Enjoy the week, day, hour, and second…be safe.