Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack (recast/Apr ’07) – 25 Oct 09

Greetings listeners.

Thank you for joining me once again for yet another edition of The Sunday Soundtrack. I hope it finds u well.

I began a brand new podcast today, but unfortunately got sidetracked with other things (how many of u feel me on this?), so, instead of skipping a week, I decided to do a recast instead. As the title says, it’s actually from April 2007. For those who don’t know the history, the Sunday Soundtrack began in December 2006. An unfortunate incident with my previous host provider (who will remain nameless, though part of me wants to put them on blast), caused me to lose the ENTIRE year of 2007. Google and other search engines have allowed me to recapture cached pages of the playlists, but it remains difficult. Luckily this was one I was able to find. So, I hope u enjoy it.

I appreciate the comments always. If you’re so inclined, always feel free to leave me a message about the podcast. I can be reached at 301.458.0499

Have a great week, and definitely remember….to keep it chilled.


From The Vault – What Love Is (A6P) – “Chamorrita”


Yep, yep…me and @dbassist are pressing forward with work on our CD project entitled “What Love Is” (it’s comin’ folks, it’s comin… ) 🙂

Here’s a lil sample of a track I wrote called “Chamorrita”, yours truly on acoustic guitar, Dan on vox. Interesting name? There’s a story behind it. Hit me up if interested….


Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 18 Oct 09


Photo Credit: Delaney_55

Greetings Listeners….

I hope this podcast finds u well. I like the graphic chosen for this week’s podcast. It describes how the past few days have been, lots of rain, overcast skies, and a blustery day or two. Frankly, I enjoyed, and still am enjoying every bit of it. It definitely causes me to appreciate the sunny days as well. Days like the ones of recent do provide for some good inspiration, some introspection, etc…so I have an appreciation for them as well.

Glad to inform you that I finally came across some new tracks for the podcast, ones that reflect this weekend as well. Kicking off the podcast is none other than British soul giants, 4Hero. I love their arrangements, big drums, lush big strings, and soulful lyrics. It’s a pleasure, as a musician and listener, to hear musical compositions in this genre that has been missed stateside. Carina Andersson brings that vocal magic to every thing she touches.

I discovered Capsula, Pineapple Corner, J. Boogie’s Dubtronic Science, and Afterlife’s (Smooch) tracks on Groove Salad this week. I think my favorite track on this podcast is Alive (Instrumental). Of course, one can never go wrong with Blackfish or the chill out artist of the century, Afterlife.

That being said, without further adieu, I bring u the play list:

1. Morning Child f/Carina Andersson – 4hero
2. Easy Fly – Pineapple Corner/Pineapple Corner
3. California Sunrise – Blank & Jones/Relax Edition 3 (Sun) – EP
4. Circular Motion – Nuspirit Helsinki
5. Alive (Instrumental) – J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science/Mushroom Jazz 6
6. Bay of Islands – Blackfish/Pole Navigation
7. Illusion Hill – Capsula/Sense of a Drop
8. Clear Blue Sky – Afterlife/The St. Regis Chill & Groove
9. Smooch – Afterlife/Speck of Gold
10. Gutenmorgenduft – dZihan & Kamien & The Brut Imperial Quintet/Fakes

Thanks to my new listeners, Celeste, Belinda, and Audrey. Big up to Philip Clark for the podcast drop!

I’m gonna relax tomorrow….knowing me, probably in the studio most of the day, catching up on creating!

peace and blessings…


[Edit: Please forgive me for omitting my standard intro voiceover. How I forgot to include it, is beyond me…duh!]

The Musical Journey – The Current Flow



10:15pm, Friday night. The day part was long, and busy, so I am definitely appreciative of this part. I’m sitting in the studio…really chillin’. As usual, I’m thinking of projects that need to continue, get finished, or get started, but tonite…I’m relaxing, and catching up on blogging (*yawn*).

They say when it rains, it pours. It’s been doing that figuratively and literally (more figuratively then literally). For the longest time, I, and my biz partner, Dan McCollum, have been working on our CD project….the longest time is a time I care not to divulge, but hey…life get’s in the way. The CD is entitled “What Love Is”. We are known as After Six Productions. It started out, and still is, a labor of love project, as opposed to one created to get a record deal. We have a record company established under which A6P falls, Hall Effect Records. While we are now down to pretty much nearing completion of the project, we’re really seeing how much work it entails. Our only desire, be it lofty or not, is to put out songs that can stand the test of time. A bit ambitious…maybe…but in light of what the urban music industry is offering, we feel it’s high time for a change….we’ll see. We’re coming.

I won’t bore ya with my humble beginnings, but just let you know what the journey has been like over the last year. I’ve had the studio running for quite some time. This year there have been other projects like recording a four-voice ensemble to a welcome song written for our church mass choir. The result of that demo CD drew similar artists in, with songs of their own from time to time (I have three in the queue currently). Having *clientele* like this is not something I expected at this point, but it gives me an idea what it really takes to produce and learn the recording hardware and software I have.

Over the last few months, I’ve begun a remote collaboration project with two other very talented musicians AND friends I have on twitter: @fave (in Houston) and @toddkelley (in Cali). Fave and Todd have been doing collaboration songs back and forth that I’ve been fortunate to hear. These tracks, everyone, have been slammin’. Down the line, we all started talking about collaborating to some extent. Fave came around and seem to set the wheels in motion, farming out some incomplete tracks to Todd and I to work on, Todd doing the same to Fave, and Fave feeding what Todd and he did to me, for the guitar work. So far, tracks done, and released to the public to hear, have been met with great enthusiasm. The name of the project is called C3 or deeper still, “contempojazzsoulhop”, a name that describes the flow of all three of us combined as one. Here’s Fave talking about the origin and development of the project (yeah, man…we both owe u inputs! LOL):

I’ve been working on my own tracks for years, under a project entitled Songs From The Future (SFTF). While I won’t get into my whole workflow, inspirations and such, songs come to me in many different ways, different times and are often built from a little as something like this. My plan is to get under way with my CD in 2010, as soon as we drop “What Love Is”

Within the last, what, almost two months, I got the grand opportunity (again via Twitter) to be asked to do remixes (seemingly a life long dream), for one VERY funky and soulful artist by the name of Philip Clark. Via some tweets read about the development of “contempojazzsoulhop”, he got wind of the fact that I produce my own music and was always interested in doing a remix. After a little discussion, he approached me and asked if I wanted to do some remixes of tracks from his debut album. Of course I jumped at the chance to do so and picked the track “Granted”. Happy to say that after hearing the rough version, he is pleased with it….but not more pleased that I to know he’s diggin’ it. I plan two other remixes of the track. He’s a pleasure to work with and has displayed a great mind for the business as well. I like what he has in store for the remix project as a whole. I applaud that, as well as his musical flow. Definitely check out his tracks. His official site is here. Much thanks to the shout for my podcast.

As far as live music, I’ve been playing in my church’s music ministry with all the various choirs since 1994 as well as with a band, 150East for a few years now. Here’s a short vid of the band:

Since 150East, I’ve started teaching guitar, as well as studying jazz guitar under a Washington DC guitar instructor and recording artist, Dave Mosick. The latest project about to kick off is with a local sax player and good friend, Kelvin Wilson.

So, needless to say….busy for sure. Just tryna make it happen, and that always starts in ‘The Lab.

I won’t say what time it is now…but, I will say…thank for reading….The weekend is here…let’s go…

Shouts to my boy Fave and Todd for the mad flow!


Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack f/Sade – 04 Oct 09


Good evening listeners…

I trust this post finds u well and that your weekend, so far, is great. Earlier in the week, while on Facebook, I was doing my customary video add to my profile and came across a video of Sade from the Lover’s Live DVD (which I proudly own…. 🙂 ) That video post drew a comment from my brother-in-podcasting Darrenkeith, about that particular video, but moreso about the music, the flow, the aura of Ms Helen Folosade Adu. I won’t bore u with the contents of the chat DK and I had (heh), however, I, as well as he, have been long time tremendous fans of Sade. I wont attempt to even describe how much of a fan I am, but it’s like an A-to-Z thing with ALL of her music, as well as the presentation. Watching Lovers Live is like a special event for me LOL… I have literrally daydreamed, on occasion, about what it would be like to be part of her touring band.

Some of you know the word is out that she is planning to release a new CD, with her core musicians from back in the day. I, like many, are eagerly anticipating when this CD will drop. At the same time, I’m wondering just how much of the magic will be released as well. In principle, it’s a little bit like Whitney’s current release, as it’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything new. Sade and Whitney are in two different classes altogether, IMHO, so…we shall see what comes forth. For more info on Sade’s upcoming release, you can visit her new website.


In staying consistent with the overall vibe of The Sunday Soundtrack, I chose (and it was difficult) to feature some of Sade’s more mellow tracks. In addition, I also included, as a bonus, a three song remix of her track, Cherish The Day, as well. I hope you enjoy this virtual mini concert. That being said, I bring to you the playlist.

1. Your Love Is King – Sade/The Best Of Sade
2. The Sweetest Taboo -Sade/The Best Of Sade
3. Never As Good As The First Time – Sade/The Best Of Sade
4. Love Is Stronger Than Pride – Sade/The Best Of Sade
5. Nothing Can Come Between Us- Sade/The Best Of Sade
6. No Ordinary Love – Sade/The Best Of Sade
7. Like A Tattoo – Sade/The Best Of Sade
8. Cherish The Day – Sade/Lovers Live (Live)
9. Somebody Already Broke My Heart – Sade/Lovers Live (Live)
10. Kiss Of Life – Sade/Lovers Live (Live)
11. Flow – Sade/Lovers Live (Live)

Bonus Tracks: (credit: Bad Boy Soul

Sade Cherish The Day (Epic) 1993 (Pal Joey Remix) (Ronin Remix) (Sade Remix Long Version) 1992

Sade Cherish The Day

Shouts to my brother, Darrenkeith, who has also featured Sade on his latest podcast Ladies of Autumn

Enjoy the flow….keep it chilled.

peace and blessings…