film scoring – the journey – day 10

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Greetings readers…

It’s been about five months since I’ve last posted a blog, so, in our last episode…(just kidding). Time flies and, on top of that, I’ve been pretty busy trying to compose and get the episode music vetted and approved by the writer/producer of the series. For those who are just reading this particular post, the name of the webseries is entitled At Risk, a drama series about the lives of five social workers.

At the moment, I’m down to composing music for the last episode of the series. The whole “staff”, everyone involved is doing the final activities. Excitement is definitely in the air at this point. The premiere events are on 1 December in NYC and 3 Dec, in Newburgh, NY…the home of the series writer and producer, Courtney Allen.

It’s been quite a journey and learning. While it’s not QUITE over yet, I see light at the end of the tunnel. It’s turned out to be stepping stone to, what I hope to be, future scoring opportunities in film and TV, as well as other media formats. You’ll be getting an update on the establishment of my official publishing company as soon as I confirmation from my PRO (BMI).

I can’t give out any spoilers, but the season end with a crazy cliffhanger!!!! Learn more about At Risk at the link above. I’ve posted a great deal of in progress video footage on Instagram….click SFTF Productions via Instagram to check out the posts.

My hope is that all of you had a blessed Thanksgiving> Catch up with you soon.