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Transmission Complete…

Greetings…I hope all is well with you as you read this post. Earlier today, I got a text from my cousin. He was waxing on a bit regarding a new car he wanted to purchase in the near future, a … Continue reading

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The Influence of Advertising – Apple

Greetings, and thanks for stopping by. Earlier this month, I posted about the only other company whose had a profound influence on me via their product advertising – that company is Nike. This post is about the other company. Did … Continue reading

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Do you continue to use archaic technology and why?

Greetings all. I this post finds you well. Raise your hand, toot a horn, etc, if you know what this above image is. In case you don’t know, it’s a device that allowed me to personally and really get introduced … Continue reading

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Tech’s ‘n Effect

For those of you who didn’t catch the play on words in the blog post title, but are curious, the hint correlates to a well known R&B group from the 90’s, not just the subject of this post. Though its … Continue reading

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The Return of Tech Times – The Podcast

Greetings all, If you’re fortunate enough to have Labor Day off and not working as I type this, I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. This post signifies the return of a podcast I started back in the Summer of 2013, … Continue reading

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“Stop….’Internet Time’ ”

Sorry about the corny MC Hammer reference in the blog title 🙂 So..this past Sunday, I happened to glance at my watch. It’s a Pebble Time Steel that I purchased over in 2016, new, for well under $249. There are … Continue reading

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Fitness Tech Phenomenon 2012 – Nike+ and the rest: My Experiences

Greetings all, I hope this blogpost finds you well. For many of you following me on Facebook and Twitter, you’ve seen my various status updates and tweets about my health and fitness training, especially in the areas of running and … Continue reading

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DDO (Digital Day Off) #2

Greetings readers… 12:17am. Happy Monday, for those in the EST zone. For those who read my post below, I decided I was due for another digital day off. One reason I took it is that I’ve been recalling how it … Continue reading

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Sampling and Music Composition- A “Fresh” Perspective. Pt. 3: Presently Speaking

Native Instruments’ Maschine Crew, Hello. Here I am, back with the final installment of this blog post. Took the day off (Happy Birthday to me), sitting in Starbucks, finishing up this blog post. Listening to Foreign Exchange’s “Authenticity” (superb new … Continue reading

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Sampling and Music Composition – A “Fresh” Perspective. Pt 2 – Sampling/Interpolation/Legalities

Photo Credit: Akai MPC 2500 w/black pads by: ficusrock Greetings crew… Hope all is well with you. I’ve finally gotten around to Pt 2 of this series. In Part 1, I gave a brief history of sampling and, specifically, the … Continue reading

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