Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 27 Sep 09


Good day listeners….

I hope this blog post finds you well. Welcome to the autumnal equinox, we’re into it officially and I’m lovin’ it. Being a four seasons man, I welcome the variety that all four bring, weatherwise. We’ve had a good mix of rainy days and gorgeously sunny days in the area thus far.

Thanks for hangin’ with me through last week’s SSP recast. I’ve got four music projects I’m juggling and have started teaching guitar recently to two students, and have an ongoing fifth project, if you will, recording demos for some of the welcome songs used for our adult church choir (stay tuned for a future blog post on this), so as u can see life is busy…just in THAT area of things.

Today’s flow will be pretty jazzy. My workflow in producing my podcasts is to assemble the tracks in iTunes, record the entire podcast, record the voiceovers, insert the promo drops do the blog post along the way. I extract the playlist from the iTunes view, cut and paste it into the post and GB file. Well, I lost the original iTunes playlist for this week early in the game and had go through over 1000 songs to see what I chose …LOL. Luckily I was able to recall most of them, but…..was too lazy with everything else this weekend, to do strict QA on the list so…forgive if something may be amiss with the flow vs the playlist. I think I got it all right!

That being said…I bring to you this week’s tracklist:

1. Searchin’ – Little Big Bee (The AtJazz Remix)/Sunset Nights
2. Not Just Anybody – Rae and Christian (The AtJazz Flugelhorn Remix)/Sleepwalking
3. Bondi Beach – Blackfish/Hidden Shore
4. Wooter – RDM
5. Optymistic – Tom Middleton/Life Tracks
6. Soon – ORG Lounge/Has It Come To This?
7. Cross That Line – Sine/Cross That Line
8. Falling Man – Espresso del Lago/Yeki

The following videos present AtJazz version of Rae and Christian’s “Not Just Anybody” (track 2 in the playlist), an excellent remix in my opinion, all the way around. The second video is the original version. I like the original as well, *very* chilled.

Glad u stopped by today, I hope the balance of it is to your liking and all your positive endeavors are realized.

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Have a good day, remember to keep it chilled.


Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – TBOC’ 08 Recast – 26 Sep 09

Photo Credit: Dennis AB

Welcome listeners..

I’m glad you’ve tuned into another editio of the SSP. It’s been an extremely busy week (my eyes want to close, but it’s only 7:58pm Sunday evening). I had an new SSP to post tonite, but some how have deleted the playlist and frankly feel too lazy to listen through the audio file to see what I put together last week…ugh. With that being said, instead of leaving you musicless this weekend again, I bring u….The Best of Chill. These are the tracks in my collection that I feel, in under an hour, represents the best of what could possibly transform you into a state of relaxed of mind….that is my hope anyway.

Now, the tracklisting, enjoy it to the fullest and remember, multitasking is NOT aloud (wink)

  • No Use (Beanfield Remix ) – Jazzanova/Jazzanova Remixed [Disc 1]
  • Sa Trincha – Espresso Del Lago/Yeki
  • If You Don’t Love Me, Understand Me – Vision
  • Optymystic – Tom Middleton/Life Tracks
  • Return to Margin (Afterlife Mix) – Afterlife/The Afterlife Lounge
  • Sonar – Blackfish/Pole Navigation
  • Gaze – Sweetback/Sweetback
  • Speck of Gold – Afterlife/The St. Regis Chill & Groove Chill
  • Bomberclad Joint – Knowtoryous – Kruder & Dorfmeister/The K & D Session
  • Like A Tattoo – Sade/The Best Of Sade
  • Third Sky – Groove 7/SFTF 
  • Miracles – Afterlife
  • Get Back to Serenity (Beach Mix) – Vargo/Beauty
  • Dreaming Of You – Chevalier

Though suggested no multitasking above, I think it’d be best that I do some…while u hopefully enjoy the music.

Until next time…keep it chilled. Wishing u peaceful vibes…


Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 09 Sep 09

Photo Credit: Ray G.


How are you? Welcome back to another edition of The Sunday Soundtrack. Always glad you can partake of the music I bring forth. It’s definitely a labor of love and I appreciate the comments left here and abroad. As summer begins to wind down, there is a time that is ending and, as the photo depicts above, a time ahead. Being a four seasons man, I always anticipate the vibrant colors and crisp, cool weather of the autumnal equinox, better known as Fall. While summer is always known to be more care free and lazy, Fall has it’s own goodness to me, and in that…bring it on.

The tracks I bring to you for this podcast are mainly new. As usual, the pics come my favorite source, Soma FM. Incidentally, 60% of the tracks this time came within 3 hours of off and on listening this Friday night.

Inner Shade brings us Little Sunflower, a well made remake of the classic Freddie Hubbard tune, with a twist of drum and bass influence as the foundation of track. I also particularly enjoy the tune because Inner Shade is a spinoff group of Incognito. The CD, 4 Corners, is their solo release, which I think is becoming more difficult to come by. If you happen to find it, definitely add it to your collection. It features the jazz guitar work of Mark Whitfield and the soulfully vocal goodness of Maysa Leak (the primary female lead vocalist Incognito is known for).

In honor of Vikter Duplaix’s new CD and single release entitled “Electric Love”, I bring you an old favorite of mine and a track perfect for the Sunday Soundtrack musical palette, “Another Love Gone By” featuring Esthero.

Another artist I’m happy to feature is Philip Clark…the NEW definition of blue eyed soul. I became acquainted with PC via Twitter after we crossed paths via some musical collaborationwork I am doing with fellow brothers in podcasting Fave and The Big La Todd Kelley, now known as “C3”. After checkin’ out PC’s tracks on Myspace…I was DEFINITELY feelin’ his musical flow. Per further discussion, he “Granted” me (pun intended) the great opportunity to do a remix of a track of my choice from his last CD. Needless to say, after being a remix fan for YEARS, I hopped on it. He knows what track it is, but P, if you are reading this…I’ve got three remixes I am working on of said track…three different genres…I hope you like them!

As for some “smooth jazz” goodness, I was led to include a track, dedicated to a person on Twitter who continually tweets inspirational, resourceful, and heart warming messages everytime I notice them. The track “Monica” is for you, Monica, better known on Twitter as Deltavogue…thanks for the very nice complements you gave the Sunday Soundtrack last week. I greatly appreciate it!

With that being said, the playlist for this weekend is as follows:

1. Little Sunflower – Inner Shade/4 Corners
2. Monica – Fattburger/The Best Of Fattburger
3. Granted – Philip Clark/The State Of Blue-Eyed Soul
4. Sanso Sheep – Jens Buchert/Ice Lounge
5. Sands of Time – Ten Madison/Grounded
6. IMG.00.37 – Akotcha/Sound Burger
7. Elephant (Dub Mix) – Spiral System & Lottie Child/Here We Are – EP
8. Another Great Love Gone By Featuring Esthero – Vikter Duplaix/Bold & Beautiful
9. Reflections – Jens Buchert/Sunrider
10. Billy Bibbit – Moss/East Coast Chip Shop

I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of the Sunday Soundtrack. Kudos to all my podcasting massive, bring good musical vibes all week long: Darrenkeith (My Love For Music), Fave (The Friday Favecast), Todd Kelley (Flowink), Macedonia (BSOTS), EJ Flavors (OSW), T. Grundy (Rhythms In Black Satin), DJ Diva (The Monday Mixtape), Honeysoul (Honeysoul), Anjibee (The Chillcast), Nikki (Soulrific) and a host of others. Check all their podcasts out under my category Music Podcasts, over there to the right!

Have a good week….
Keep it chilled…