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What about me? Well, I’ve been composing/recording/arranging and performing music since I was 14. It was that age that I first picked up the guitar, and basically haven’t put it down since. 🙂 Shortly after learning guitar, bass guitar came naturally, and later on in life, keyboards. I’m a session guitarist/recording engineer/producer/remixer

I’m also a systems engineer with 20+ years in satellite systems, who’s an avid spaceflight geek that has supported NASA Mission Services, commercial and military satcom programs. I’m aspiring software developer hoping to excel in that area, specifically in scientific computing using Python.

Sys. Engr – NASA planetary missions. guitarist/producer/AFOL/fitness fan/film-TV-soundtrack composer. Python newbie coder. Music by me: http://SFTF.bandcamp.com and host of the Tech Times Podcast over at anchor.fm/mrfresh

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  2. Skip Spady says:

    ah HAH! so i have FOUND your day job…. noice, mah brotha; real noice….

  3. Fresh says:

    Ha! Skip….this is HARDLY my day job. As a matter of fact, I’ve been laid off for 10 months as of 11 Feb. Appears that I’ll be starting a new job sometime this month, bruh…

  4. Anthony Allen says:

    Man, we’re from the same neighborhood in East Orange! I knew the guys in Black Frost, they lived just off Lafayette & Roosevelt Ave. I went by Tony at the time & knew Damon, Julien, Curtis, etc…I remember when Slave first hit, everybody wanted to be in a band. Were you there when they played Martens stadium? Great Mark Adams piece, he remains an underrated great and also one of the reasons I started playing too.

  5. Fresh says:

    Tony!!!! Yo!!!! Man, talk about long time!! Yeah I remember you…and Vincent Virgil. I know you remember those street football games on down by Julien and Felix’ house..LOL. HAHA, yes sir, Black Frost. I’m still in touch with Tony, Damon, and Julien.

    Yeah I was at the Martens Stadium show…in that rain! I didn’t know you played bass. Good to hear from you. Where are you these days, I’ve been in DC since ’88. Good to hear from you!

  6. Fresh says:

    Skip! LOL Long time bro, what u been up to????

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