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Greetings. Welcome to Tech Times, a mobile podcast done by me, solely on my iPhone. This podcast started out from participating in the AudioMo Challenge back in 2013. The episodes were posted to the network via the #PAN app. I was under the impression that I downloaded all 22 episodes from the BLIMS server when folded, but it appears I didn’t so I’m sharing from Episode 10 onward. Each episode is simply my thoughts on various aspects of technology I find interesting, be it currently in the news or not, and how it affects (or has affected) our daily lives.

Episode 23 and subsequent episodes of the podcast are now available. I’m using the very capable Anchor app to record the podcast, which is now available on Anchor FM, via RSS feed, and the following streaming services:

Apple Podcasts

Google Podcasts


Breaker FM

Radio Republic

Pocket Casts


Brevity is key, comments are always welcome. Thanks for listening.

2 Responses to Tech Times – The Podcast

  1. Kaje says:

    That you Mr. Fresh for your insight on the “maker vs. fixer” revolution! I am a “wanna be” maker that promotes upcycling and repurposing items! It is the core of our DIY programs at my library!

  2. Kaje says:

    Episode “15? 16?” Seriously, I hear ya barkin’! Those of us who are at the end of “Boomers” remember having to checkout books, identify and use reference tools for papers, etc. The advent of the internet was a Godsend! Information at our fingertips! Learning to navigate and find appropriate, verified, authoritative information is key! That’s why librarians and libraries remain relevant. Support your local library and librarians! We are your information specialists and yes, we went to school for that!

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