The (not-so) new communication style – texting (teen style)

Greetings readers….

Over the last week, I did a podcast about letter writing as a lost art, moreover, the tech of communications. In that podcast I mentioned texting as the long time popular way of communicating -especially- with teens. I text a lot, on a regular basis, but never really do it if I need to get a quick reply out of the blue (to me, it only makes sense to use the phone (at least) if you need a prompt response).

My teenager daughter is away at college summer program. I know I’m showing my age, but it is beyond me why she continues to TEXT me more than call home to communicate, especially when there were times where she needed an immediate answer (or so I thought). I’m (laughing) trying to figure out the teenage psyche when it comes to choosing texting over calling when 95% of the time, the texting is continually. I’ve resolved my logic to the fact that …it’s just the way it is in this day and age – another revelation of fatherhood. LOl>

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AudioMo is here

Greetings readers. Yesterday I happened to stumble upon (I don’t even remember how) a post on regarding the recurring challenge, AudioMo. Being a musician, studio owner/engineer/producer/remixer by night and wrangler of audio, I enjoy posting (at times) when and where I can. The challenge of posting audio everyday appealed to me, but is far from being a foreign concept, considering I’ve been podcasting since 2006. The rules regarding AudioMo are simple and are posted below.

“Monday is 1st July. This means the start of AudioMo.

AudioMo is a month long audio challenge. Just record an audio a day, then tweet the link to that audio with the AudioMo hashtag. The AudioMo hashtag is simply #AudioMo”

You can find out more at AudioMo’s website.

Here’s my first post: Day 1- AudioMo Challenge: What’s it about? #audiomo

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