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Greetings readers. Yesterday I happened to stumble upon (I don’t even remember how) a post on regarding the recurring challenge, AudioMo. Being a musician, studio owner/engineer/producer/remixer by night and wrangler of audio, I enjoy posting (at times) when and where I can. The challenge of posting audio everyday appealed to me, but is far from being a foreign concept, considering I’ve been podcasting since 2006. The rules regarding AudioMo are simple and are posted below.

“Monday is 1st July. This means the start of AudioMo.

AudioMo is a month long audio challenge. Just record an audio a day, then tweet the link to that audio with the AudioMo hashtag. The AudioMo hashtag is simply #AudioMo”

You can find out more at AudioMo’s website.

Here’s my first post: Day 1- AudioMo Challenge: What’s it about? #audiomo

Have a great day.

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