The Weekend/The List/The Relax Time

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Isn’t that the name of artist, band, etc?

Greetings readers. It’s early Saturday morning and it’s a quiet (rare) non-busy, no rush one. The house is still sleeping, so it’s a favorite time. My blog software, WordPress, just told me this draft was last saved at 7:14: 33, so yea…still early.

I’m in the studio, doing some housekeeping (file maintenance, software installs, organizing), and thinking that it’s about time I get to finishing up this next personal music release for you. It’s going to be a compilation of tracks that reflect a certain period of my life. I’ve already started dropping some teasers on social media (my music production IG account – follow me, should you like – SFTF Productions

A further glimpse into day is gonna show a gym workout, recording some coaching session from my son’s basketball coaching session (which reminds me, I need to be looking in to summer AAU leagues, Nike Basketball Camp is coming up soon), seeding and weed killing my lawn before this next rain, and a short recording session this evening.

Wait, I did say it wasn’t busy, yes?

Ok, well, back to it. What music am I blogging to right now? Bipolar Flows by The Jazzment some smooth instrumental boombap hip hop out of the Netherlands.

Enjoy your *weekend*