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Hello, and welcome to my fitness page. Here you’ll find my posts on the page title.

Running: What got me interested in running, was something uncommon. I always knew running was good for cardiovascular fitness, but so is walking, cycling, and swimming. I actually never did like running, but what got me interested was the ability to chart performance statistics. Being a long time Apple fanboy, and a fan of Nike (to an extent), when I discovered the Nike+ system back when it was mainly used with the iPod, I was SOLD.

It was then that I embraced the combination of wearable tech and documenting physical fitness performance metrics.

I still consider myself a beginner runner, and have finally run my first 5k on Thanksgiving Day, 2017 (Brrrrrr, it was cold!)

I’ve enjoyed working out since college. I’ve learned to get back to resistance training without weights and because of that “muscle memory” my brain has developed over the many years…the results come back quick, even after (TOO MANY) layoffs. 🙂 Fortunaely, I belong to a great local gym that has kept the fitness fire burning.

I’ve taken up cycling again as a preference over running (any running I do now is on a gym treadmill). My app preference for tracking cycling stats is Strava. My wearable preference for a fitness tracking tool is The Apple Watch. One Facebook forum I participate in regularly is the Apple Watch Fitness Fans Group. Lastly, my fitness social media feed is on Instragram, feel free to follow me, I’m there as Soon NikeFuelFan.

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