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No need for “making of the band” when the band is made.

Crew… Hello. I hope this post finds u well. Over the last year or so, I’ve been having more and more discussions on the evolution of music, specifically commercial music, be it pop, urban contemporary, hip-hop, and the like. Many … Continue reading

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Location Awareness – GPS can be cool but…..

Technology…the continuing boon of mankind, especially in the advent of wired AND wireless communication. I use four primary wireless communication devices: A Mac G5 Dual processor desktop and/or Mac G4 desktop, a laptop (Toshiba Satellite and Powerbook G4) with built-in … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 19 Jul 09 (UltraChilled)

Welcome listeners…. I hope this blog post finds you well. It’s a mellow Sunday evening here, nice way to round out a busy day. In the background, here in studio, is the latest mix from fleep, Summer, some very soulful … Continue reading

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Workin’ it Out In The Lab (AfterSix Productions)

Fresh and Solo reviewing the vocal track Photo credit :DBassist Hey people… Hope all is good, and that is including your weekend. My partner and I had a recording session, more so a work session for one of the tracks … Continue reading

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Feenin’ for my satellite radio…ugh

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post, so….hello! LOL. For the last week or so, I’ve been in a rental car while my regular ride is in the body shop. While I miss my regular auto and … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 12 July 08

Photo Credit: Sandy Betts Good day listeners….welcome to another edition of The Sunday Soundtrack. It’s a gorgeous day out (which lets u know I am actually doing this Sunday afternoon…ha!) In any event, I will definitely be partaking of some … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 05 July 09

Photo Credit: 2Serenity Hello listeners…. Happy Independence Day weekend for those stateside. I hope it was and will continue to be safe. Welcome to this edition of The Sunday Soundtrack. I hope all is well with u. This edition of … Continue reading

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The Session…Jazzy vibes in The ‘Lab

So….I had a recording session tonite at The Lab. A fellow musician, friend, and talented keyboardist came by to record some original material he records live when we do sound checks early Sunday mornng…so much so, that he has 4 … Continue reading

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