The Ten P’s of Prosperity – Number 2: Prepare and Plan

Good day….

As promised, from the series The Ten P’s of Prosperity, motivational speaker Jewel Diamond Taylor brings us yet another *jewel* of great advice and direction.

Here’s “P” number 2: Prepare and Plan

[ok, so technically there are two P’s, but u get the drift] 🙂

Thou shalt get organized, make necessary contacts, calls or calendar dates. Gather your materials and resources and get started today! Overcome the greatest enemies to your wealth and health” procrastination and laziness Procrastination is a thief

That other P-word, procrastination….I will be the first to raise my hand in concurrence regarding how much of a thief it is!

I hope you’re finding these life guidelines as helpful as I am

Stay tuned for “P” Number Three soon!

It’s all about positive flow…


The Ten P’s of Prosperity – Number 1: People

Good morning. I hope this post finds you well and in good spirits. In going through some old magazines I wanted to discard, I came across an article that featured 10 basic rules for achievement, put together by motivational speaker and author Jewel Diamond Taylor ( Jewel took the model of the great 10 commandments and fashioned her tips accordingly. Starting today, I’ll post a different “P” for prosperity. I clipped the article and keep a copy in my planner as well as on my Blackberry. Follow them, and the 10 Commandments and chart big successes!

Here’s “P” number one: People

Thou shalt surround thyself with positive, caring, supportive, networking, productive, and like-minded people. Success is contagious!

Stay tuned for “P” Number Two soon!

It’s all about positive flow…


Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack (Hip-Hop Floetics: The Minimal Flow) – 24 May 09

needle to the groove

Good day, crew….

Thanks for joining me on the Sunday Soundtrack again, it’s always a pleasure to have u listening in. I hope and trust all is well with everyone and for those celebrating Memorial Day, please remember to honor our heroes that have fought, sacrified, and continue to sacrifice for the freedom of this great country. To them we owe great gratitude. All heroes, of all types, deserve this thankfulness.

This week, I felt a hip-hop vibe many days and the result is a mix of the conceptual flow of the Sunday Soundtrack with some organic instrumental hip hop vibe. Many of you have discussed music with me, know that I am a huge fan of, as well as being, the indie artist. I bring to you, this episode, two such indie artists in the genre of smooth, organic instrumental hip hop. My featured artist is Skipless…bring us tracks from a release called Rooftops. Special guest is none other than my man (who I have and have had the pleasure of musically collaborating with) Todd Kelley, aka The Big La, with two smooth selections from his EPs entitled “Blue, Kinda Grey” and “Water Under The Bridge”. I also have some spoken word interlude by a very good friend and poetess, Roqui, bringing us a piece entitled “Untitled”…flowing over a track by yours truly.

Without further adieu (u know me, a man of brevity), the playlist:

Rooftops Intro – Skipless/Rooftops
Climbing – Skipless/Rooftops
Freddie Knows – Skipless/Rooftops
Alter – Skipless/Rooftops
Ashes – Skipless/Rooftops
Ego – Skipless/Rooftops
Eclipse Outro – Skipless/Rooftops
Spoken Word: “Untitled” by Afro Bane/Roqui
Moment Of Truths (The Morning After) – Big La vs. Todd/Water… Under The Bridge
The Etry – Big La vs. Todd/Blue… Kinda Grey/
Water Under The Bridge – Big La vs. Todd/Water… Under The Bridge

Skipless/Rooftops EP
Todd Kelley Worldwide

This is how it’s often done…my boy Hedtec flowin’ a track using the Akai MPC 1000:

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Enjoy your moments in positivity…hopefully we can all learn, for the better, those of negavity.

Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 17 May 09


Hello listeners…

As usual, glad to bring you another Sunday Soundtrack…a late Sunday Soundtrack, but one nevertheless. I hope you enjoy it.

All quiet on the Eastern front here. Coming off of a 3-day weekend, and even that was too short. I am starting a petition to Start Friday Over…u wanna sign it? 😉

I’m completing my offerings from the Obsession Lounge compilation, I hope they were enjoyable. Now it’s time to go on a track hunt…and I think it’s time for a fully laidback and mellow SSP….yes?

Here is the playlist, for your edification:

Sacra Samba (Original Mix) – Ante Rem/Obsession Lounge
Composite Five – Lounge Conjunction//Obsession Lounge
Hispanos In Space (Remix 2005) – Jam & Spoon//Obsession Lounge
Sand (Original Mix) – R. Eberspacher/Obsession Lounge
Dear Tryphonite – Nor Elle
Reflections – Jeff Lorber/Kickin’ It
Nia – Pete Belasco/’Deeper
Shadow Of Your Smile – Amel Larrieux/Lovely Standards
Like A Tattoo – Sade/The Best Of Sade
Get Back to Serenity – Vargo/Beauty

All tracks can be found at and iTunes

A special shoutout goes to the family of Wayman Tisdale, ex-NBA star turned smooth jazz bassist. The community will truly miss u. Thank you for your musical prowess and gift…

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Enjoy your moments in positivity…hopefully we can all learn, for the better, those of negavity.



Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 10 May 09

Thanks for stopping in again for this week’s Sunday Soundtrack. As usual. always a complete pleasure in sharing this musical pallette every week that I can.

This week’s playlist includes a continuation of tracks from the Obsession Lounge compilation, first featured last week. The OL collection collection has a well rounded representation of tracks in the chillout genre, so I hope you enjoy another taste of such.

About half way through the week, I was auditioning tracks to feature this week, and stumbled into my Incognito playlist. While ‘Cog is not classified as downtempo, chillout, or the like, I think their vibe is right inline with the concept of the Sunday Soundtrack That being said I bring you a triple play of Incognito, as well. There is something about their music (to me) that lifts spirits each and every time. I’ve lost track of how many times, over the years, listening to their tracks has transformed my not so good mood into a much better one. I had to include them this week.

With that being said…here’s this week’s playlist:

1. Wonders & Signs – Buckshot LeFonque/Buckshot LeFonque
2. One Step Beyond – Fogger/Obsession Lounge
3. All That – Atjazz/LabFunk
4. A Past Life – Adam Singer/Gradient Sound
5. I Can See The Future – Incognito/No Time Like The Future [Bonus Track]
6. She Wears Black – Incognito/Beneath The Surface
7. Fountain Of Life – Incognito/Beneath The Surface
8. Moon B252 – Nor Elle/Mole Listening Pearls
9. Une Table B Trois – ZEN-MEN feat. Caroline/Obsession Lounge
10. Conmigo – Fous De La Mer/Obsession Lounge

All the tracks featured can found or identified at, iTunes, or

  • atjazz
  • Adam Singer
  • Incognito
  • Nor Elle
  • Using Twitter? Feel free to follow The Sunday Soundtrack. If you’re on Facebook, check the group out here

    For those interested, I’d like to get you on my mailing list. Rest assured the list is Sunday Soundtrack specific – podcasts, contests, new artists, etc. If you’d like to be on it, please email me your address….


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    Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 03 May 09


    Photo Source: AK’s blog (thanks….!)

    Hello once again, listeners…

    I hope you are enjoying the remnants of spring. The artifacts thereof are definitely among us. The beginning of the week had spirit-lifting beautiful weather, From Wednesday on out to today (and tomorrow), rain will be in this area. I like rain, even a good rain…it washes and cleanses. Gray days are cool with me, they seem to invoke different, but good kinds of moods within me.

    Ok enough with the meteorological banter. Most of the tracks in this week’s playlist come from a compilation called Obsession Lounge. If you recall, I had a track or two from this comp on last Sunday’s podcast. All the tracks this week, with the exception of those by Bebel Gilberto, are new plays, so I hope the set your desired mood, and that you enjoy them. My particular faves are coltrane (Nicolay, 1/2 half of The Foreign Exhange, has a nice collection called Beat CD. Big up to my man, Fave for hippin’ me to this compilation. The tracks are so tight that Darrenkeith showcased another one of Nicolay’s tracks.


    I recently became a supporter of Soma FM, a net radio station based out of San Francisco. I discovered them about two years ago via my iTunes radio list and have become hooked in a major way. The particular stations of interest to me are Groove Salad, Beat Blender, and for some nice ambient tracks, Space Station Soma. I know at least two of you have listened to and enjoy Soma FM. If you like the tracks featured in this podcast, check it out when you can.

    Ok ladies and gentlemen, the playlist:

    1. Mellow – Pat Appleton with Naoki Kenji/Obsession Lounge
    2. Flor De Vida – Chris Le Blanc feat. Lisa De Andrade/Obsession Lounge
    3. Electronique Love – Jean F. Cochois/Obsession Lounge
    4. Miles Beyond – Roberto Sol/Obsession Lounge
    5. Valisere Africa (Dub Mix) – Cyron Florzinho/Obsession Lounge
    6. coltrane – Nicolay/Beat CD
    7. Aganju (Remix) – Bebel Gilberto/Bring Back The Love (The Remixes)
    8. Aganju – Bebel Gilberto/Bebel Gilberto
    9. Drowned – Campa/Obsession Lounge
    10. Desert Storm – Nor Elle/Boxed

    This week’s video embed brings u some jazziness from Jazzual Suspects. I like this…

    That’s that, folks. Thanks for listening again. Enjoy your moments….

    Keep it chilled….


    Quiktraks (60 sec audio) – Day 3


    How’s everyone. Third installment here. The newest piece of gear I have in the studio is an AKAI MPC 1000 sampling music production workstation. The beat you hear is a simple one I did a few months ago when I first got it. While I wont go into the long time history and popularity of the machine, I primarily got it because I am used to (and prefer) composing drum tracks on a drum machine’s pad versus a keyboard, and as it is designed to do, it’s a nice sampler as well.

    The track is the original beat, with me laying a lil 70’s funk rhythm guitar over it. Nothing fancy, everything dry….a few seconds of funk.

    Background Notes:

    Drums and vinyl scratch: MPC 1000
    Guitar: Fender Strat recorded dry into Logic Pro 8

    My personal tracks are on my Myspace page
    The Lab is here.