The Ten P’s of Prosperity – Number 2: Prepare and Plan

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As promised, from the series The Ten P’s of Prosperity, motivational speaker Jewel Diamond Taylor brings us yet another *jewel* of great advice and direction.

Here’s “P” number 2: Prepare and Plan

[ok, so technically there are two P’s, but u get the drift] 🙂

Thou shalt get organized, make necessary contacts, calls or calendar dates. Gather your materials and resources and get started today! Overcome the greatest enemies to your wealth and health” procrastination and laziness Procrastination is a thief

That other P-word, procrastination….I will be the first to raise my hand in concurrence regarding how much of a thief it is!

I hope you’re finding these life guidelines as helpful as I am

Stay tuned for “P” Number Three soon!

It’s all about positive flow…


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One Response to The Ten P’s of Prosperity – Number 2: Prepare and Plan

  1. Lis says:

    *sigh* (taps mic) ‘hi… my name is Lisa and… yea… i’m a chronic procrastinator’ 🙁

    Keep the ‘P’s’ comin’.


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