Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 03 May 09


Photo Source: AK’s blog (thanks….!)

Hello once again, listeners…

I hope you are enjoying the remnants of spring. The artifacts thereof are definitely among us. The beginning of the week had spirit-lifting beautiful weather, From Wednesday on out to today (and tomorrow), rain will be in this area. I like rain, even a good rain…it washes and cleanses. Gray days are cool with me, they seem to invoke different, but good kinds of moods within me.

Ok enough with the meteorological banter. Most of the tracks in this week’s playlist come from a compilation called Obsession Lounge. If you recall, I had a track or two from this comp on last Sunday’s podcast. All the tracks this week, with the exception of those by Bebel Gilberto, are new plays, so I hope the set your desired mood, and that you enjoy them. My particular faves are coltrane (Nicolay, 1/2 half of The Foreign Exhange, has a nice collection called Beat CD. Big up to my man, Fave for hippin’ me to this compilation. The tracks are so tight that Darrenkeith showcased another one of Nicolay’s tracks.


I recently became a supporter of Soma FM, a net radio station based out of San Francisco. I discovered them about two years ago via my iTunes radio list and have become hooked in a major way. The particular stations of interest to me are Groove Salad, Beat Blender, and for some nice ambient tracks, Space Station Soma. I know at least two of you have listened to and enjoy Soma FM. If you like the tracks featured in this podcast, check it out when you can.

Ok ladies and gentlemen, the playlist:

1. Mellow – Pat Appleton with Naoki Kenji/Obsession Lounge
2. Flor De Vida – Chris Le Blanc feat. Lisa De Andrade/Obsession Lounge
3. Electronique Love – Jean F. Cochois/Obsession Lounge
4. Miles Beyond – Roberto Sol/Obsession Lounge
5. Valisere Africa (Dub Mix) – Cyron Florzinho/Obsession Lounge
6. coltrane – Nicolay/Beat CD
7. Aganju (Remix) – Bebel Gilberto/Bring Back The Love (The Remixes)
8. Aganju – Bebel Gilberto/Bebel Gilberto
9. Drowned – Campa/Obsession Lounge
10. Desert Storm – Nor Elle/Boxed

This week’s video embed brings u some jazziness from Jazzual Suspects. I like this…

That’s that, folks. Thanks for listening again. Enjoy your moments….

Keep it chilled….


Quiktraks (60 sec audio) – Day 3


How’s everyone. Third installment here. The newest piece of gear I have in the studio is an AKAI MPC 1000 sampling music production workstation. The beat you hear is a simple one I did a few months ago when I first got it. While I wont go into the long time history and popularity of the machine, I primarily got it because I am used to (and prefer) composing drum tracks on a drum machine’s pad versus a keyboard, and as it is designed to do, it’s a nice sampler as well.

The track is the original beat, with me laying a lil 70’s funk rhythm guitar over it. Nothing fancy, everything dry….a few seconds of funk.

Background Notes:

Drums and vinyl scratch: MPC 1000
Guitar: Fender Strat recorded dry into Logic Pro 8

My personal tracks are on my Myspace page
The Lab is here.