Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 30 Aug 09

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Greetings listeners….

I hope all is well. It was a pretty long work week that just past, and while chillin’ in studio Friday night, I get this alert on my phone:

From: SomaFM
To: Doug R
ReplyTo: dj@somafm.com
Subject: Live Space Shuttle coverage tonight on Mission Control
Sent: Aug 28, 2009 10:26 PM

Dear Doug R:

Sorry for the late notice, hope you get this in time:

After 2 aborted attempts earlier this week, Space Shuttle Mission
STS-128 is set to launch tonight (in just a couple hours) at 9pm
pacific, midnight Eastern time (04:00 GMT) on a flight to the
international space station.

We’ll be mixing ambient music and the live mission audio from NASA on
our new Mission Control channel. You can tune in at http://somafm.com

If you’re using a device that needs a direct stream link, that is:

We hope you’ll tune in!

Best of luck to Commander Rick Sturckow and the crew of STS-128

At that time I was still trying to decide on the tracks for this weekend’s podcast, then……the light bulb went off. I had never done a pure ambient show before….at least before now ;-). So, I present to u, The Sunday Soundtrack STS-128 Mission Control Flow. I know that I have a few ambient fans out there, as well as a few Twitter followers that express keen NASA interest, either as an employee or enthusiast (some of you know I supported NASA as a systems engineer for 8 years, and began my career in satellite communications in 1988). I had the good fortune of visiting Cape Canaveral to view a launch of satellite that was one of ten that got put into orbit, part of a Dept of Navy program I worked on. If you ever have a chance to view a launch, take advantage of it…it still excites me.

That being said, I present to you this week’s playlist:

Space Shuttle Discovery Launch audio. The STS-128 mission to the International Space Station.

♫ Yuminale – On The Eve Of Loxic Streams
♫ Velocette – Space Q
♫ Steve Roach, Erik Wollo – Stream Of Thought 19
♫ Disturbed Earth – Temple
♫ Spice Barons – Voyager (And What Did You Think Of The First Episode)
♫ Anthony Rother – Elixir Of Life Part I
♫ Gas – Zauberberg V
♫ Alpha Wave Movement – Silent Promise
♫ Natural Frequencies Aka Andreas Leifeld – Timeless
♫ Harold Budd – The Room Alight
♫ William Edge – Not Returning Home

I hope you’ve enjoyed the ambient flow this weekend. As I’ve said previously, you can find tracks like these, as well as other excellent chillout and electronica tracks at Soma FM as well as follow them on Twitter

For getting excellent launch and mission coverage, follow Space Launch News on Twitter.

Special shout out to Hidden Place and Steph, my ambient expert and NASA bud.

Keep it ultra-chilled.



Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack (replay/04 Jan 09) – 23 Aug 09

Good afternoon listeners….

Hope all of u are well. This is Fresh’s secretary once again. I’m presenting to you, on behalf of him, a recast of an earlier Sunday Souundtrack for your listening pleasure. He’ll be back next weekend with brand new tracks.

The assembly of tracks for the podcast follow in hopes that the combination thereof is fitting for some mellowness…

  • Circular Motion  – Nuspirit Helsinki/Nuspirit Helsinki
  • Journey Into Day  – Seek/Journey Into Day
  • LIke Wind To Rain – Shang/Beautiful
  • The Raw Perspective – Vision
  • 1000 Islands – Monte la Rue/Interludia (Disque Deluxe)
  • Lean On Me (f/Colein) – Sounds From The Ground/Ultra Chilled [Disc 2]
  • Alternate Thursday – Platonic/Sound In Color/Mu.sic 
  • Flit – The Solid Doctor/Beats Means Highs
  • Afterlife – Jon Hopkins/Opalescent

Wishing u a great Sunday, or any day you are listening to this. As mentioned a few podcasts ago, I’ll looking to do some new things to present in the Sunday Soundtrack, in terms of features. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any ideas, I just might use a few.

Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack (XM Summer Driveby: Vol 1) – 16 Aug 09

Summer Drive

Photo Credit: Kim

Greetings listeners….

Welcome back to the Sunday Soundtrack for 16 Aug 09. I trust all is well with you. Here we are in the month of August. I want a do-over (as we used to say as kids) for the summer. It’s flying by waaaaay to fast, but, I’m enjoying it anyway. It’s been especially a good time for new musical endeavors, discoveries, and connecting with new artists that allow me, as well as request for me, to feature their tracks on this podcast – that’s always a good thing.

Speaking of connecting with new musical endeavors and connecting with new artists, the last month has afforded me the opportunity to do something I’ve wanted to do for quite sometime: working on remixes. Just over the last week, I was asked, and got the chance to, lay some guitar tracks for a remake of a Stevie Wonder classic, Rocket Love. The artist who did the arrangement and recording is none other than Fave of the world famous Friday Favecast. Fave sent me his initial track, I laid my track, sent it back, he worked it and sent it to the third party on the flow on in LA, Todd Kelley of Flowink, for the drum programming. I love the fact that we are leveraging the net, as well as Logic Studio to make this track nice. Gotta be truthful about it, it’s already a winner. Stay tuned.

Similarly, while this is all going on, another NICE artist we both follow on Twitter, Philip Clark approaches Todd and I to do remixes for his previous album. While Todd has mad flow in this area, I am very excited to get the chance to a remix for an artist with such mad flow. I received his vocal stems today and will start work on it soon, something I’m defnitely looking forward to. Stay tuned to the Sunday Soundtrack for featured tracks by Philip Clark.

That being said, this edition of the podcast features a number of tracks that are remixes, three speicifically of a track entitled “Janeiro” by Soul Sessions. I’m liking the flow of the playlist. I hope you do as well. With that being said: the playlist.

The Sunday Soundtrack (XM Summer Driveby: Vol 1) – 16 Aug 09

1. L.O.V.E. And You & I (Dr. Ghe Mix) – Jazzanova/Jazzanova Remixed [Disc 1]
2. Janeiro (Lounge Conjunction Remix) – SolidSessions/Real Ibiza Chill Out, Vol.
3. Love Garden (dedicated to Ildiko) – Gabor Deutsch/Contrast [remastered]
4. Downtown – Chris Zippel a.k.a. Genuine/Nu Ambient Grooves
5. Where’s Vicky (Quantic Mix) – Bathysphere/DWEP001
6. Quantum – Beanfield/Human Patterns
7. El Cid – Leftfield/Rhythm and Stealth
8. Handsome – Bathysphere/Bathysphere’s Daylight Shrubbery EP
9. Janeiro (Chiller Twist Blue Line Remix) – Solid Sessions/Armada Lounge
10. Janeiro (Nibiru Remix) – Solid Sessions/Chill Department

Thanks for listening, as always I appreciated. Special thanks to Kim for the photo above. She was driving a few days ago, snapping and posting everything she found interesting to Twitter and this one (as well as another for next week) caught my eye! Good job (your BB seems to take great pics!)

For the Twitter fans and Facebook crew, please feel free to follow and join me there in both places, respectively.


Have a great day, keep it chilled.


The Sunday Soundtrack – 8 Aug 09

Ars Electronica Center

Good day listeners…

It’s nice to return to presenting you another edition of The Sunday Soundtrack. Last weekend I revisited (against my will) some slight technical difficulties that eventually I’ll have to address and fix…I will get to that before the end of August. In any event, welcome back.

This edition of The Sunday Soundtrack brings more of an eclectic mix of the genres I like, but focuses on an artist feature again. This artist is one I connected with on Twitter, after seeing his request to find podcasters to feature his music on their shows (I love Twitter’s ability to network so easily). His artist name is Inner Light Spectrum, his actual name is Joe Pacheco. I enjoyed the tracks he sent me for consideration, as well as the email exchanges in the process. That being said, I decided to feature four tracks of his and hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. They provide a nice offering of some great electronica. Here’s a little bit about Inner Light Spectrum:

Inner Light Spectrum  
Montreal’s Inner Light Spectrum is on the way to being one of the leading purveyors of ambient-based electronica. With talent like this, the top of the heap is the obvious destination. Inner Light Spectrum crafts aural treats that conjure some serious atmosphere, thick enough to carry the viewer away. The ambiance of Inner Light Spectrum’s alluring, absorbing creations is one-of-a-kind. 

The Artist at Work  
Music is always flowing, unstoppable, unquenchable, according to Inner Light Spectrum. “It just happens on its own.” Inner Light Spectrum has prepared an album’s worth of material, so listeners can anticipate some top shelf electronica. Inner Light Spectrum is also looking to work with other artists. “I’m always looking for talented artists and bands to work with.  

Without further adieu, here is the remainder of the playlist. Special thanks to Madeline for calling The Sunday Soundtrack Hotline and helping me build the playlist, by choosing the lead off track….Spirit. Also featured is a little collaboration between myself and Todd Kelley, remixer, music composer, and host of the many great podcasts of Flowink (World Wide Soul). This is my ID4 edit of his mix, entitled I am Lov….check it.

The Sunday Soundtrack – 08 Aug 09 (f/Inner Light Spectrum)

1 – Spirit – Monet/The Groove Boutique: Volume One
2 – Flex – Pitch Black Ape to Angel
3 – Algiers Dream – Ke Fez/Bar de Lune Presents: Arabic Beats
4 – Loose Tune – Skipless/Jazzamentals EP
5 – I am Lov (Fresh’s ID4 Edit) – Big La vs. Todd
6 – Cocktails in Paris – Inner Light Spectrum/The Path to Reality
7 – Flowing Divinity (ft. Garen and Iris) – Inner Light Spectrum/The Path to Reality
8 – Afternoon in the Park (Orbiting Dream) Ft. Dan Prudian – Inner Light Spectrum/The Path to Reality
9 – Forms – Inner Light Spectrum/The Path to Reality
10 – Snake Ranger – Fila Brazillia/Black Market Gardening

The music of Inner Light Spectrum can be found via the following links:

Inner Light Spectrum on Myspace
Inner Light Spectrum on YouTube
Inner Light Spectrum at Reverb Nation

Special thanks to you, Joe, for allowing me to feature your tracks…

For those on Twitter as well as Facebook, please see the links in my blogroll to the right for following The Sunday Soundtrack in both places!

Wishing everyone a great week…