The Ten P’s of Prosperity – Number 1: People

Good morning. I hope this post finds you well and in good spirits. In going through some old magazines I wanted to discard, I came across an article that featured 10 basic rules for achievement, put together by motivational speaker and author Jewel Diamond Taylor ( Jewel took the model of the great 10 commandments and fashioned her tips accordingly. Starting today, I’ll post a different “P” for prosperity. I clipped the article and keep a copy in my planner as well as on my Blackberry. Follow them, and the 10 Commandments and chart big successes!

Here’s “P” number one: People

Thou shalt surround thyself with positive, caring, supportive, networking, productive, and like-minded people. Success is contagious!

Stay tuned for “P” Number Two soon!

It’s all about positive flow…