Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 10 May 09

Thanks for stopping in again for this week’s Sunday Soundtrack. As usual. always a complete pleasure in sharing this musical pallette every week that I can.

This week’s playlist includes a continuation of tracks from the Obsession Lounge compilation, first featured last week. The OL collection collection has a well rounded representation of tracks in the chillout genre, so I hope you enjoy another taste of such.

About half way through the week, I was auditioning tracks to feature this week, and stumbled into my Incognito playlist. While ‘Cog is not classified as downtempo, chillout, or the like, I think their vibe is right inline with the concept of the Sunday Soundtrack That being said I bring you a triple play of Incognito, as well. There is something about their music (to me) that lifts spirits each and every time. I’ve lost track of how many times, over the years, listening to their tracks has transformed my not so good mood into a much better one. I had to include them this week.

With that being said…here’s this week’s playlist:

1. Wonders & Signs – Buckshot LeFonque/Buckshot LeFonque
2. One Step Beyond – Fogger/Obsession Lounge
3. All That – Atjazz/LabFunk
4. A Past Life – Adam Singer/Gradient Sound
5. I Can See The Future – Incognito/No Time Like The Future [Bonus Track]
6. She Wears Black – Incognito/Beneath The Surface
7. Fountain Of Life – Incognito/Beneath The Surface
8. Moon B252 – Nor Elle/Mole Listening Pearls
9. Une Table B Trois – ZEN-MEN feat. Caroline/Obsession Lounge
10. Conmigo – Fous De La Mer/Obsession Lounge

All the tracks featured can found or identified at Amazon.com, iTunes, or discogs.com

  • atjazz
  • Adam Singer
  • Incognito
  • Nor Elle
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    4 Responses to Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 10 May 09

    1. rezzy says:

      Blazin’ as usual. And wow, the Incognito vid is insane….!

    2. darrenkeith says:

      I have only one complaint about this show and your past shows…bruh if you do not start tagging and putting your show notes on your downloads…LOL This show is killa!!! Keep doing what you are doing dude. Your taste in music is top notch. One day me, you, DBassist and a couple other people have to record a podcast in reference to the state of smooth jazz…is it “smooth jazz” or “instrumental pop”

      Keep the shows comin’ bruh! ^_^

      Be Blessed{you and yours}

    3. Fresh says:

      :::rezzy – Good lookin’ out chief, thanks for the comment!

      :::darrenkeith: D,
      Thanks for the comment. ACK! I am trying to figure out why when I convert from .m4a (iTunes) to .mp3, (using another app) why the playlist info from iTunes doesnt carry over…UGH! thanks! It does at times and sometimes no…I see the playlist on my computer for this podcast, but not on the iPod. I need to figure out how I can export the .m4a to .mp3 for upload here. Thanks again.

    4. Madeline says:

      Who needs CD 101.9 when we have Mista Fresh’s Sunday Soundtrack Podcast! *smile* Excellent edition and the Icognito clip was TRULY icing on the cake!! Kudos, my friend.

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