The (not-so) new communication style – texting (teen style)

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Over the last week, I did a podcast about letter writing as a lost art, moreover, the tech of communications. In that podcast I mentioned texting as the long time popular way of communicating -especially- with teens. I text a lot, on a regular basis, but never really do it if I need to get a quick reply out of the blue (to me, it only makes sense to use the phone (at least) if you need a prompt response).

My teenager daughter is away at college summer program. I know I’m showing my age, but it is beyond me why she continues to TEXT me more than call home to communicate, especially when there were times where she needed an immediate answer (or so I thought). I’m (laughing) trying to figure out the teenage psyche when it comes to choosing texting over calling when 95% of the time, the texting is continually. I’ve resolved my logic to the fact that …it’s just the way it is in this day and age – another revelation of fatherhood. LOl>

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4 Responses to The (not-so) new communication style – texting (teen style)

  1. rezzy says:

    Feel for you, bruh. My daughter won’t answer her phone if I call but will return a text in a heartbeat, LOL! She’s goin’ away to college *sniff!*

  2. My theory is that texting feels like sending a request to a human search engine. They expect the replies to be just as immediate as a Google response. Also, I think teens expect each other to drop everything and respond. I’ve seen college interns interrupt a presentation in the middle of a meeting to respond to a text.

  3. Fresh says:


    My daughter is a little bit of the opposite………so far. Seems like both of ours are the same age? Thanks for the reply!

  4. Fresh says:


    Thanks for the reply. I believe your theory holds water for sure. I’ve experiences where that immediate response to texts with teens prove your thoughts as well. Interestingly enough, I remember reading a story in Wired Magazine about two years ago that told of a World Texting Championship…of course all the participants were teens.

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