Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 27 Sep 09


Good day listeners….

I hope this blog post finds you well. Welcome to the autumnal equinox, we’re into it officially and I’m lovin’ it. Being a four seasons man, I welcome the variety that all four bring, weatherwise. We’ve had a good mix of rainy days and gorgeously sunny days in the area thus far.

Thanks for hangin’ with me through last week’s SSP recast. I’ve got four music projects I’m juggling and have started teaching guitar recently to two students, and have an ongoing fifth project, if you will, recording demos for some of the welcome songs used for our adult church choir (stay tuned for a future blog post on this), so as u can see life is busy…just in THAT area of things.

Today’s flow will be pretty jazzy. My workflow in producing my podcasts is to assemble the tracks in iTunes, record the entire podcast, record the voiceovers, insert the promo drops do the blog post along the way. I extract the playlist from the iTunes view, cut and paste it into the post and GB file. Well, I lost the original iTunes playlist for this week early in the game and had go through over 1000 songs to see what I chose …LOL. Luckily I was able to recall most of them, but…..was too lazy with everything else this weekend, to do strict QA on the list so…forgive if something may be amiss with the flow vs the playlist. I think I got it all right!

That being said…I bring to you this week’s tracklist:

1. Searchin’ – Little Big Bee (The AtJazz Remix)/Sunset Nights
2. Not Just Anybody – Rae and Christian (The AtJazz Flugelhorn Remix)/Sleepwalking
3. Bondi Beach – Blackfish/Hidden Shore
4. Wooter – RDM
5. Optymistic – Tom Middleton/Life Tracks
6. Soon – ORG Lounge/Has It Come To This?
7. Cross That Line – Sine/Cross That Line
8. Falling Man – Espresso del Lago/Yeki

The following videos present AtJazz version of Rae and Christian’s “Not Just Anybody” (track 2 in the playlist), an excellent remix in my opinion, all the way around. The second video is the original version. I like the original as well, *very* chilled.

Glad u stopped by today, I hope the balance of it is to your liking and all your positive endeavors are realized.

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Have a good day, remember to keep it chilled.


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One Response to Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 27 Sep 09

  1. Angela says:

    Very nice compilation of tracks, really enjoyed the flow. Its the perfect unwind & let…it…go podcast. Have a wonderful week, take care & be blessed.

    ~Peace & Blessings~

    p/s…love the graphic!

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