New Start For The SSP!

Hello Listeners…

Yes I know you are saying what the heck happened. I have a new host, BUT, I didnt know I could transfer the old content BEFORE I transferred the DNS info…so I (gulp) lost everything. Nice 1-year anniversary present to me huh? Oh well.

I want to thank two special people for helping me alleviate this problem.

1) Lis: My long time friend and webdesigner/website life saver. Without her help, I doubt the Sunday Soundtrack would be in existence. She’s helped me get thing set up on this new host as well as COUNTLESS other things, web worthy, over the years.

2) Dee: When she found out, less than an hour ago, she started pulling all the cached pages of last years posts she could find. I was about to cut my losses in trying to recover code, if it wasn’t for her!

Thanks for being loyal and bearing with me during the rebuild. The SSP will be back soon!



3 thoughts on “New Start For The SSP!

  1. Aww sweet Sir Fresh! Anything for you – u know that! Congrats on your new web home! Looking forward to more smooth an sassy Sunday soundtracks!

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