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Ok, so we’re into ’09 and already I’m tryna capitalize on the usage of time management and prioritizing in order to get more material out, as said in my last post. My partner and I just finished recording a four voice ensemble for the submission of a new welcome song for the church I attend. This was probably the first real exercise in recording vocals in Logic Pro 8, though we’ve been using it over the last few months to record a vocalist for our own CD project. Only one of the four vocalists did any studio work, so it was a set of lessons learned in really taking into consideration all necessary during the process to get the best vocal levels down, as it is not always that easy to “fix it in the mix”. I’ve got to tweak one more track before a burn a draft CD mix for submittal tomorrow morning. The keyboardist sent me a MIDI track of the piano and I played the rest of the instruments (rhythm guitar, bass guitar), as well as drum programming. If the approval goes through (as we hope), we’ll substitute some vocalists to lay down all the vocal tracks for final mix in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, I’m finishing up recording the music for a duet one of my other vocalists wrote, for a song he and a British female vocalist will be doing for her CD this year. Hopefully we can wrap that up and ship it to the UK by month’s end.

Danny and I are pushing to finish up three more tracks for our LONG awaited CD, “What Love Is”. There have been some CRAZY lessons learned (life gets in the way, etc) of the last few years (yes “years”) in tryna wrap up this project. At the same time we are in the midst of putting together a business plan for our record label, Hall Effect Records (we just became an LLC last year)…. I’ve got a few tracks in my head I am definitely wanting to record, get up on myspace, as well….so yeah…this is…”musique non-stop”.

Oh yeah, did I mention I got get ready for band rehearsal tomorrow night?



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5 Responses to Mo’ music musings – studio recording

  1. DJ Diva says:

    Mayne…work in 09…that’s what it is. By the way..your new theme is fresh Fresh. 😉

  2. Fresh says:

    ::: DJ Diva – Ha, I’m tryna be like you, hustlin’ that Monday Morning Mixtape and the advanced degree journey, go ‘head, mami….:)

  3. Angela says:

    It sounds like you have your work cut out for you and that it will be a busy year. May you have much success on your current & future endeavors.

    ~peace & blessings~

    p.s. that’s a cute little symbol not a letter

  4. Fresh says:

    ::: Angela – I received that, thank u for the comment 🙂 Now, if u don’t leave that “n” out….

  5. Nikki says:

    Ooh, you spruced up the site. Me likey!

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