Time Management – The Elusive Continuum

It’s about 11:05 am on the night of the Presidential Inauguration. I took off from work today to take in the events and festivities from home. It was a very good day, historic to say the least. I’m determined to be in bed not to long from now, but wanted to finally get around to completing this post. The topic is one I thought of doing for some time, but have been only mildly energized to do so…until now…mainly due to a question posed to me from a follower on Twitter. One day last week, he posed this question to me:

How do you balance a real job and music career? I’m supposed to audition Tuesday and am thinking of bagging it due to no time!

That question…is one I constantly ask myself as time goes by. I often wonder, simultaneously, get the things done I do…and at the same time, fail to get things done as well (strange huh?). I have a to-do list to do everyday. I keep one because it is the only way I can ever get things done. There have been days where I havent accomplished a thing on that list (I’m sure I am not alone), but suffice it to say, I’m one of those people that can not operate without a daily to do list.

The music career my friend speaks of amounts my musical world – weekly podcaster (as u know), working on a CD project with my partner, playing in a band, being a musician for various music ministries in my church, writing my own material, doing recording session work for other artists as asked, and working on my own material for a future solo release. Add to that fatherhood, husbandhood, Parent/Teacher school board member and a demanding day job and….enuff said, huh?

There are many books written on time management none of which I read. I even wrote a paper on time management as my first ever assignment as a young engineer, my first job as an engineer in my mid-20s. My boss at the time was very impressed on the paper, as well as my presentation of it to my peers and suboardinates. So….(I laugh still), why does it seem so difficult to manage my time. For me, I’ve come to realize it has to do solely with steadfastness and habit, along with the continual dissipation of the sin I call procrastination (LOL). Procrastination is a thorn I have not yet withdrawn from my side, but glad to say I am making strides to realize it’s removal. Since I have always, and still do, enjoy my solitude, gaining it on the regular (even a lil bit), has become incentive to get done what I set to every day. I’ve learned to adopt the mindset try and stick to a to-do list as best as I can…the realization of crossing things of that list regularly is also incentive. Another important aspect is to truly prioritize items. I try to forecast larger things that need to be done, and break them down into smaller items to manage easier. Basically, that is the approach I take to best manage the time I have. It’s been said that each of us get the same amount of time…24 hours in a day….sure doesn’t seem like it at times 🙂

In any event, to my Twitter friend, I hope that helps. Schedule/to-do list/steadfastness. I know that you desire to make time in your life for more creative pursuits. Try these few things I’ve mentioned, if you haven’t already and let me know if they work for you….maybe you can teach me some things along the way….I’m game!


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  1. Tone says:

    Hey, I feel you on the challenges of time management. Procrastination is a monkey that occasionally rides comfortably on my back for weeks, months and sometimes even years. I think the key is to figure out what works for you and to truly embrace all the things you accomplish. I am a big fan of lists. I think they’re a great tool when I use them with the “glass is half full” perspective. I don’t make resolutions at the beginning of the year. I make a list, a list of all the things I want to accomplish that year. I don’t dwell on the list. I write it and I put it away, knowing that I will accomplish everything on the list. A few times a year I pull out the list and I’m often amazed at how many things I can cross off. I’m careful when I write my lists to break the items up into smaller milestones. At the end of the year, I celebrate my successes. I often discover there are things on the list that I no longer care about and I cross them off. Anything left on the list, I make peace with (no guilt) and place it on next year’s list. I know this does not really address the day to day struggle, for that I agree with you Fresh, prioritize and where possible cut out the fat. Good luck to all who, like me, struggle with this issue.


  2. Fresh says:

    ::: Tone – I couldn’t have expressed it better. You’ve stated a number of great points in taking a healthy approach to time management. I think the key, even in working backwards in granularity (read: daily approach) is to take things in small chunks…that helps a great deal…as the cliche goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day…” Thanks for the comment.

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