From The Vault – Fresh’s Musical Genesis

Greetings folks…

From this point on, I’ll occassionally post some gems from my musical journey to present (as it’s been a lonnng journey thus far…haha). Hope u enjoy the ride as well

This one tells the beginning of how I got started. When my brother was 3, he received a Mickey Mouse guitar for Christmas. Being as though he was 3, the guitar lasted for ABOUT 3 days. By the third day, it had no strings so…..being the big brother of 13 that I was, I fixed it….then began to play around with it….and enjoy it.

About a few months later, I spied a small electric guitar and tiny amp in the local record shop. I begged my dad to buy it for me. All and all, I think both cost less than $100 total (the guitar was a hefty $42!!! – LOL). In any event, I thought playing the guitar, out of any other instrument, would be the coolest to learn (and yes, since I was a teenager, I felt the girls would love that…yes, I admit it….and yes, I was …mostly correct – heh).

Coincidentally enough, the other guys in the neighborhood also sprung some musical talent as well. My friend next door started playing bass, another friend down the street played drums, one around the corner played guitar, yet another played percussion, and another friend up the street played trumpet.

We practiced at each others homes every weekend (God bless our parents), and soon became good enough to form a lil neighborhood R&B band named…Black Frost, which began to do all kind of litttle events around town – HS dance parties, etc. We had a ball, and began to hone our musical and songwriting skills based upon the influences of R&B and commercial radio. We began writing our own material to perform out, and took 2nd place only to the hottest R&B band across town, Sundae (those last two parts, in themselves, are enough for future blog posts! haha)

Good memories from back in the day, when bands were the hotness. We need that back in music today.

The above pic is an afternoon rehearsal in my backyard…who can guess what year that was, annnnd which guy is me?

Have a good one….

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Mac Fan/Sys. Engr - NASA planetary missions. guitarist/producer/AFOL/fitness fan/film+TV+sndtrk composer/podcast host/Python newbie coder. Music by me: Mellowly Cool. Find me on X and Bluesky
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5 Responses to From The Vault – Fresh’s Musical Genesis

  1. Dbassist says:

    Wow man where did you pull that one up from? I am telling you those were the days and yes the girlies, “can I have your autograph?”…”You think your brother will go out me?” and “…we want to see your band” 🙁 They say this> I hear this from my sister til this day. LOL> Keeping it Fresh with the past.

  2. Madeline says:

    Very cool!:) I remember you shared this story back on 3-Siiii..ahhh neva mind..hehehe. I think this is around the time you also honed your song writing skills too: what was that song you wrote, something about..LOL!! Ok, ok, I won’t do that to ya!;) Anyway, I think this photo is circa 1977 & you are the one with the royal blue hat & shirt playing the guitar!

  3. Fresh says:

    :::Dbassist – One of the guys in the pic had it all this time…he may still have some stuff on cassette!! U know what I am talking about!

    :::Madeline – Hush…no worries about those lyrics LOL. U are wronggggggggg about which one is me…heh heh!

  4. Mocha Dad says:

    Now that’s old school.

  5. Fresh says:

    Yes sir….no other way to describe it! LOL.

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