The Sunday Soundtrack Pt. 1 (Easter 2009) – 12 Apr 09

Hello Listeners….

Welcome to this special edition of The Sunday Soundtrack. For those who listened last week, it was my intention to take the day off, but I decided to forgo that, and bring to you this edition in honor of the celebration of Easter, Resurrection Day 2009.

The mix features gospel jazz keyboardist Ben Tankard, and gospel jazz group The Brentwood Jazz Quartet…culminating in a nice mix of smooth contemporary and more classic jazz renderings of Christian hymns. The playlist is as follows:

The Sunday Soundtrack (Easter Edition 2009)

1. For God So Love The World – Ben Tankard/Keynote Speaker
2. Christ The Lord Has Risen Today – Brentwood Jazz Quartet/Living In The Here And Now
3. What A Friend – Ben Tankard/Keynote Speaker
4. Holy, Holy, Holy – Brentwood Jazz Quartet
5. Let Us Break Bread Together – Sam Levine (of the BJQ)/Something To Believe
6. A Mighty Fortress – Brentwood Jazz Quartet/Living In The Here And Now
7. Kum-Bi-Yah – Ben Tankard/Instrumentally Yours
8. No Words Necessary – Ben Tankard/Song of Solomon

Ben Tankard Official Website

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Hope you’ve enjoyed yet another special edition of the podcast and that your Easter Day is blessed. It’s definitely a time to celebrate!

Stay tuned for your normally scheduled Sunday Soundtrack later today! Yes, a two-fer!!

Have a great day…


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4 Responses to The Sunday Soundtrack Pt. 1 (Easter 2009) – 12 Apr 09

  1. rezzy says:


  2. Angela says:

    I love it, it’s the perfect pairing to the Mar 29th edition.

    ~Peace & Blessings~

  3. I Love it! Thank you! Happy Easter!

  4. Fresh says:

    Thanks, San!!

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