Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 26 Apr 09

Hello Listeners….

Glad to be back with another edition of the Sunday Soundtrack. Thanks for coming by to get a lil bit of smoothness during your day, night, or in between.

I had a nice weekend last weekend and this weekend has offiicially started. Today was representative of a true spring day, in every sense of the word. Lots of sun, blue sky and very seasonable temps, even into the 7pm hour. It should be in the 80’s all weekend, so that’s a plus in my book. It’s a little after 9pm and I decided to get a little jump on the production of this podcast. I’ve got a few favorite tracks of mine on the playlist this time around, from Rae and Christian, Jazzanova, etc. I think the musical palette your about to sense is pretty good, if I may say so…(I guess I just did…:-P)

I’ve a number of new tracks in store for you over the coming weeks. I was recently contacted by AstorBell Records, a new net label out of Sweden that has graciously given me access to all their artists tracks to feature on the Sunday Soundtrack at my leisure. it’s nice when u can forge global relationships such that the music can be put forth!. Since I am one for brevity…the playlist follows…

1. Not Just Anybody (At Jazz Flugelhorn Remix) – Rae & Christian/Nocturnal Activity (Sleepwalking Remixed)
2. Sudden Moments – Sunyata Project/Obsession_Lounge
3. Konspiration V1 – Konferenz/Obsession_Lounge
4. Didjital Vibrations – Jamiroquai/Travelling Without Moving
5. Sound Burger – Akotcha/Sounds Like Inertia, Vol. 2
6. Make It So (2008) – Chevalier/Balance
7. Cross That Line – Sine/Cross That Line
8. L.O.V.E. And You & I (Dr. Ghe Mix – Jazzanova/Jazzanova Remixed [Disc 1]
9. Acre of Sun – Darshan Ambient/Autumn’s Apple
10. Shelter – Rory Hoy/Cosmic Child

That’s it…It’s my wish that u enjoy this podcast, it’s always a pleasure to bring it. Be sure to check out my fellow podcast massive in my blogroll. I’m certain you will enjoy what they have to offer.

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Until next time, keep it chilled.

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5 Responses to Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 26 Apr 09

  1. darrenkeith says:

    welcome back bro!!! Can’t wait to check this out later today…your podcast is part of my “Positive Input” for today. :-)Have a Blessed Day guy{you and yours}

  2. tws392000 says:

    Just finished listening. Very good mix. I don’t always get to listen every Sunday, but the ones I have heard I’ve enjoyed. Thanks for all you do.

  3. PJ says:

    Hey Fresh.. Another round of a good mix. I’m sharing your site with a few of my friends too….

    Take care

    PJ aka Princess

  4. kisssmylipzzzz says:

    Welcome back! Another job well done on the sounds. Thanks for another relaxing listen. Just what I need to help get me through the process.

    Oh good job on getting that label to open up their access to you!

  5. Lia says:

    Great mix & nice feel. Glad you introduced each track helps me keep up with playlist. Please continue…

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