Fusion: An Interview with The Big La (Todd Kelley)

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I trust all is well today. This post is a follow-up to the previous post about the subject of an upcoming podcast I hope to resurrect entitled Fusion. The concept of this podcast came to me via an off the cuff discussion I had a few years ago with a fellow podcaster/recording artist/graphic designer. Both of us, being musicians in our own right, began discussing our backgrounds and influences in making music, which invariably talking about how technology (past and present) played a role taking the music from inner to outer.

I began to see the different paths he had taken and compared them to mine. I also began to see, along our separate journeys, how there were things we couldn;t *readily accomplish* (but did) that we could easily accomplish now. The conclusion of the discussion led me to develop the concept for this podcast – one that would share the insights of an (generally musical, but not limited to) artist by which they leverage technology to get their art out there – including their journey along the way, their influences etc.

The format of the podcast is to use an audio interview, very casual but basically formatted, and to just have some fun with it (which is the most important part). Being a techy, I have to include the usual aspects of what kind of hardware/software was/is being used, suggestions/recommendations, tips, etc…but fuse the overall flow with some laid back fun.

That being said, here is an interview I did with Todd Kelley, aka The Big La, back in 2007. We had a good time kickin’ it about what got him started, how he creates music, collaboration, music today, marketing music in today’s environment, the use of social media, etc.

Ironically, two years later, the collaboration he talks about (mentioning Fave of The Friday Favecast as well) has finally come to fruition in a project we are collaborating on entitled “contempojazzsoulhiphop” (those of u on Twitter have seen the tweets, as well as the video below)

Todd Kelley’s social media homes:

The Friday Favecast


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  1. macedonia says:

    listened to this on saturday morning while getting the laundry done – great conversation between you and Todd. hopefully we’ll get to hear more of these from you – i will definitely tune in…

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