From The Vault – Speak To My Heart

I was converting a song that my brother-in-law composed and recording in some studio, from cassette to mp3, and came across some old rehearsal session. Me and the fellas at the drummer’s house trying to put together a jazzy rendition of Donnie McClurkin’s “Speak To My Heart”. This had to be two summers ago or more. The keyboardist is Wydell Croom, someone I’ve worked with off and on since ’97. Ken Stanback on drums, Roger Dent on bass, yours truly on guitar.


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Mac Fan/Sys. Engr - NASA planetary missions. guitarist/producer/AFOL/fitness fan/film+TV+sndtrk composer/podcast host/Python newbie coder. Music by me: Mellowly Cool. Find me on X and Bluesky
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4 Responses to From The Vault – Speak To My Heart

  1. Ray Garraud says:

    Very smooth … I enjoyed the flow. Thanks for sharing.

  2. rezzy says:

    Fresh, the snippet you posted won’t play more than a few seconds for me. BTW, if you want to hear a really nice instrumental rendition of Speak to my Heart, check out Hubert Powell; his version will both inspire you, as well as chill you out.

  3. rezzy says:

    It works now! Yeahhhh….that’s nice; I like those key changes..

  4. Angela says:

    Nice, I’ll be sure to check out the artist in the aforementioned post as well….

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