Welcome to MixTips – MixTips #1: Making your mix better.

Welcome to Mix Tips. This series of tips will come from my experience creating better studio recording mixes, tiips that I’ve chosen to share with other engineers along the way. They’ll be given in no particular fashion. I hope you find them helpful.

MixTip #1 – Making your mix better.
Remove bass frequencies below 40 Hz, nothing can really be heard in this sub-audio range so removing these frequencies leaves the energy to be reused elsewhere for a louder and more pronounced mix.


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4 Responses to Welcome to MixTips – MixTips #1: Making your mix better.

  1. Joe Pacheco says:

    So true! I sometimes forget to do this. Also helps if you do it to all the individual tracks while mixing.

  2. Fresh says:

    Yes sir! Thanks for the comment. Yep, this should apply during all tracks during the mixdown process.

  3. rezzy says:

    ::thumbs up:: That’s hot!

  4. Fresh says:

    Thanks C!

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