Organization: A path way to creativity (I need my muse!)

Workin' it out in The Lab

Greetings crew…
Hope the weekend is going well. Mine has definitely started on on a great note – I was scheduled to work tomorrow, but got a call from my coworker (I was off today) that informed me that weekend work has been canceled for the whole test team…cool!

In any event, I spent the last two days redoing a The Lab’s signal flow diagram. Being a systems engineer for a long time, it’s a natural for me to diagram anything that comprises a systems (inputs and outputs) in order to better understand how it works. I don’t like to see any equipment I currently have connected go without some use….that situation has gone on for too long, hence the need to complete this little project in organization. Secondly, after completing it, I knew it would help awaken my music creativity and production muse. Work has been so crazy busy, that creatively (being new tracks and ideas or the stuff I need to complete) I’ve been pretty much spent after work.

I thrive on a certain level of ergonomics and organization of my environment in helping me to create music. Everyone has a different approach to the aforementioned areas, but I know that I need a synergistic balance between them to effectively move through and to the results I’m trying to achieve. For those who haven’t seen it (or seen it in awhile), I’m here typing this blog post:

I’ve been a big proponent on utilizing the expertise on video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo to help on learn about many things. For me, the primary area is, of course, music production. I carry well over two GBs of instructional video on my hip (iPod Touch 2G) regularly for watching at my leisure (especially during break times at work, etc). As convenient as it is to have that instruction available to help learn what it is I am trying to do in studio, nothing beats actually sitting down and executing what u learn.

You’ve seen The Lab…everything I need to do my thang, but now (with the various projects that float through), it’s really time to take advantage of the organization created and ….make…more…music (from the smallest to greatest extent).

11:44pm…I’m gone…an early morning awakening and it’s off to the races.


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4 Responses to Organization: A path way to creativity (I need my muse!)

  1. rezzy says:

    Hey, F, the flow chart is hot..

  2. PJ says:

    Like the music in the background while you were doing the video tour………

  3. Fresh says:

    Thanks PJ!!

  4. Fresh says:

    Tryna get it organized!

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